Help .. Black Dog


This dog has a few more white spots that I want to get rid of and I paint alla priama so I have not idea what color one might glaze over the dog. I know I don't want black as that is a dead color ..... What color can I glaze over the dog to get rid fo the white and retain the black. I was thinking blue or perhaps a pruple made of alz crimson and UltraMarine Blue. Only reason I tried a dog is that my granddaughter wanted me to paint her dog.
Thanks ... I have thick white paint because I painted over the panel to reuse it. But the knife tends ot leave white dots where the white paint was uneven and I'm too lazy to repaint the dog.
Cute dog! I think a blue-purple would look good, as if his/her coat is shiny and reflecting the sky. Your granddaughter will love this!
He's an adorable little guy, and I like the stance you captured. ❤️ I agree that deep, dark blues/purples may be the best bet over the black. Curious too about what @snoball might suggest.
LOL, Wayne has already thought of "what sno would suggest". I would use a light blue or a lavender for highlights. If you are glazing over the whole thing, then ultramarine blue or dioxizine purple. Black is just so dead with only black and white. In fact, I generally mix a "black" from burnt umber and ultramarine blue. It is much more alive than using tube black.
Thanks Sno. Mine has blue mixed in but not enough. I like black as a shade but not a color. I find it like .pthalo Blue. It’s very aggressive and needs yo be controlled. I’ll give it a few days and roll over it with mix of FUM and Alz on the blue side and see how that works,
If you are glazing over the whole dog, use a purple/blue. The dog has a blue collar, so that color would help to connect the collar with the dog,