The Circumvention of Craft


2 eyes.
This is the thingy I posted in the WIP thread. I sent an image of it to a counselor and they said it looked like a castle. Then, today, I sent the same image to another, and they said it looked like "an eagle with its wings unfolding and looking to the right." I am psychologically evaluating my counselors with my take on the ink blot test. I do not know how they do not see a caricature cartoon pelican dancing the cha-cha-cha with an egyptian hieroglyph, but unless one's lies stay within the bounds of credibility, what is the point? Anyway, it is a baggy jumper going boing.

Ocassionally, I will twin text, or a poem, with the visual image (You have to get rid of them somehow), and this piece has it's very own, which I won't foist upon you here. See, I do have heart after all.
Circumvention of Craft.jpg
.. it's a bouncer breaking up a fight, just trying to keep the little guy from getting seriously hurt.
Oh come on! It is obviously a king slaying a dragon to save a beautiful damsel in distress. Open your eyes!
Sno, sweetheart, if you ever need to talk to someone, I know a very good counsellor 😄