The Abandoned Monastery

P. Barrie

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I painted this years ago from a photo I shot. This view is the carport/ entrance. The beautiful building was on a well landscaped lot on a beautiful lake. The building was torn down shortly after.
36” x 28”, oils on stretched canvas.
C&C welcome.

I really like the tones, greys, greens and beiges. Give it a peaceful atmosphere.
I don't know why, but it gives me a feeling of old Hollywood, the houses on Highland Avenue had side entrances like this. This is a great one. Well done.
Thanks to all. Appreciated.
Rumor has it that this building was taken down, all parts saved, and moved somewhere. I don’t know where. 😳
It reminds me a half-way house for men in Cleveland that I used to pass nearly every day on my way back home from work. It has something of Edward Hopper to it. (y)