Suess Road In A Compressed World.


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I can't find my original that I used, but here is the barebones sketch that I got from it.

and here is the painting 18x12 in acrylic/paper.

it was time consuming but fun.
What a road to be on! Those colors are so beautiful in this fantastic landscape! ( I misread the title as Swiss Road ... but the mountains are fairly steep there too ! :))
Oh, I just love this, Trier. Great work. I love the loopy feel here, the exaggerated hills and surroundings. Love the bright colors and textures.

It's wonderful from top to bottom. Yay! ❤
Trier, wow, this blows me away. A piece that grabs you, pulls you in and lets you explore its many facets.
Great to see the line sketch, as well as the painting. Love where you've taken the colours, and I could get lost in all those wonderful shapes.
This is maybe different for you, YET it is totally YOU! I really like this one. It has a great sense of allure. :) ♥️