Some Paintings from this year


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Here are some of my favorite digital paintings I did this past year. I enjoy a variety of subjects so I selected ones with very different subjects.

I work in Artrage Vitae (latest version) 11"x14", 300 dpi (3300x4200 pixels). I don't usually print my work but that gives me lots of option for printing if I really like how one of them came out.

Paintings usually take me between 3 and 4 hours to complete but it's rather a guess since I like to work on it for many small sessions rather than start to finish.

20210115D Papillion (echidna).jpg

20210125D Garlic & Pottery (wde 1-22-21, Andy23).jpg

20210403D Camellia (wde 4-2-21, Charlies Mum).jpg
20210629D Lady in Green (wde 6-25-21, KreativeK).jpg
I love the garlic, those different textures and the reflection :) And the iridescent touches on the little dog's white.
Thanks everyone.

Snoball, I don't use a wacom tablet. I have a Dell xps13 laptop with a touch screen and a bamboo ink digital pen. The screen would be a lot larger with a desktop and a wacom but I like the portability of the laptop. I used to take it to my art class pre-covid.
Thanks Wayne. It was fun getting the shine and the reflections for the garlic.
Fantastic work. That flower could be passed off as an actual painting.
Thanks 16ga and laf. The flower and garlic are my favorites too.

16ga, I know what you mean about it looking like an actual painting. This software is quite amazing when you are working in "oils."
Lovely paintings — but for me, the portrait was most compelling— her enigmatic expression, the quality of light, everything about it — wonderful !
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Thanks Dm7 and Lazarus.

Pine Cone, thanks for your comment. I liked the portrait too.