Soft Sculptures


I figured I could make a thread of my odd soft sculptures. I love doing them, though it's been a while. They are probably the most therapeutic type of art there is to do for me because I can do them mindlessly while watching TV or listening to music, both of which I hardly do. They are all hand stitched, as I don't know how to use a sewing machine.

This first one, I've shown before, but many of the others. This one is my dad.

Calvin Doll, Fabric, yarn, thread, cotton, plastic bags, leather, metal gun, and trifocals, 24 x 18 inches.


Mom Doll, Fabric, yarn, paper, jewelry, embroidery, thread and stuffing, 26 x 16 inches.


Homie, Fabric, yarn, thread, cotton, plastic, silk, and embroidery, 25 x 20 inches.


Medina, Fabric, yarn, thread, cotton, plastic, silk, and embroidery, 25 x 20 inches.


Moppet, Fabric, yarn, plastic bags, cotton sculpture, 21 x 16 inches.


So that's a few of them, but then I made these "scientific" type things I put in Erlenmeyer flasks...

Hepatopus Whiskar


Poodleleggus Hindis


Embroyola Bombula


Scillius Patchadamus

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Thank you all. I have many of these. Some of them are editions (12 of the same) and many are all original pieces that I did not copy. They were fun!
how did I miss this thread? Those are great, I especially like the weird specimens in the Erlenmeyer flasks!
Fun .... you could paint backgrounds and act out little puppet like shows...or arrange them in different settings, photograph them and stitch them into an artist book.
Thank you PSA, that's a great idea. I have thought about animating them into a short film before. I think they are way too big for a book though. They are a couple of feet high.
I have no idea how to animate but that would be very cool. For a book you would paint a set, arrange doll(s) and photograph it can be sized to fit anywhere,
These are great! All the imaginative little touches are so eye-catching: the glasses, the buttons, the hair. Terrific detail!