Scribbles in a Sandstorm


This is a book I did with another Artist's book press called Chance Press (my Artist's book press doesn't appear, just my name). I supplied the work and they did the binding, and we collaborated on the design. I did all the original work on a 10-day trip in Joshua Tree. It's called Scribbles in a Sandstorm. Here's only a few pictures of it, as there was a lot of stuff involved in the printing.

The outside is 7 x 7 inch, hand bound in linen hardcover with a removable spine, which enables the accordion-folded block to display a 40-inch long watercolor panorama. On the flip side is a small art collection of prints, including a Gocco print on banana paper, a silver-inked letterpress print on black paper, and a giclee print on watercolor paper, and a hand sewn-in excerpt from a personal sketchbook. Each book also includes an original pencil sketch under the colophon. The sale edition was twenty with a few special deluxe copies.

I might have some pictures of the simple sketches inside the sewn-in booklet somewhere.






This is the one I have, I think, I will have to dig it out. I also have Hannah's cool Ink drawings by Chance. Do you still keep in touch with those guys...I don't me to pry!
Thank you Wayne, and Sno!

Iain, I didn't realize you had a print. Thank you! Yes, we are great friends with Jordan and Justine from Chance Press still. I also love Hannah's art, but I don't know if she'll ever post her work here. She is pretty modest about it, but at least she has her website. ;)
Chance Press sold them all out, but I happen to have two of them for sale that I got back from a third-party seller.
On the flip side is a small art collection of prints, including a Gocco print on banana paper...

Wow, been a really long time since I heard about Gocco printing, you really jogged my memory on that one! I remember seeing one in school, it's basically a mini-screenprinter. This article describes it as a "self-contained compact color printing system" -

Anyway, nice looking book!