Scavenger Hunt from Life #99: Jan 14- Jan 21

Ned, I'm never fussy but change my mind after I start and do not like or do "do overs". So wrong lines stay where put. Ha. I really like all the associations. Will have to look at some to see the relation or understand. Photography is a good hobby for an artist! Lovely to spend time with the daughter. I haven't seen a phone booth in ages. Fun find!

Pine Cone, hey there! I love the fence. The lines tell your story of the snow well. Your drawing is in you and we can see it! Take care and thanks for the comments.

Joan, brrr, still cold. Happy you got out and about to Starbucks. Happy yellow chairs. I always have to hunt yellow.

Ai, your solar panels and windmills are great. Good find. That is the type of windmill used here in the southwest to pump water out of the ground.
Jo -- I'm almost 100% sure that you understood, but when I wrote "Like your sketches", I meant "I like your sketches"! Not that they were examples of something fussy and scratchy like mine get sometimes!! :) I think "hesitant and scratchy" or "wrong amount of detail" might be a better way to say what happens to me, but it happens when I'm fussing with details that probably shouldn't even be in the sketch! I try to remind myself to simplify but sometimes I forget while I'm drawing.

Ai -- love the windmill and solar power station... sorry the ink moved, but it's still really cool!

I made a sketch today but it's out in the car. Taking my daughter to my parents for a visit tomorrow, but I'll post eventually!
I had a short time to see some cute petting animals in our local shopping mall today... done with my fountain pen

5. brown ... a brown miniature horse

6. sub. elephant with small piggies

7. horse ... a white miniature horse

8. lamb -->animal --> a goat

9. wings -->a black chicken

10. zebra --> black & white --> a black & white chicken
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Lovely seeing everyone’s sketches and comments……I hope to squeeze in at least one sketch a day…..I may not get it but the goal persists…..better than no goal……Tom is up to pain meds every three hrs, memory scrambled. It must be extra hard on him when he has not been out of the the bed, room, or house for three months now…….RL happens.

Ned, thanks for the list, you intellect to the power of 26 is truly dizzying :oops:
Thanks all y'all. Ned, I think we think alike sometimes.

Ai, great trip to the petting Zoo. Love the little horses especially, my thing! Pigs are very cute and the goats are fun. The black and white chicken is good for the zebra sub with the horses for shape. Applause. Thanks for the photo, too.

Robin, awwww, sorry about Tom. Happy you can get in a little sketch time. Thinking of you.... I love your oven light and element. Great finds!!

I sketched at my desk for #3 cube - Joanna's Longhorn Rubic's cube. She thinks it is going to be hard but left it here so hasn't tried it yet. It was in her stocking. (Yes we adults do stockings, we didn't when they were little. Now we draw names and have stockings from Santa)
In the BookFactory Sketchbook with a Pilot ball point pen. I couldn't see the perspective. I have one of those tools for that. Hmm, wonder where it is? It is clear to me in the photo, but of course I didn't sketch from the photo. Ha.

Good morning/- good sketches, the digital was like a puzzle too…well done. An image Rubic,s is neat idea. As a kid I used to love those flat number discs sliding hand size puzzles especially when in long car ride.
Jo -- that's cool! One thing I'd like to do more of is draw different decorative borders, especially for some photographic prints I make ( give them an "artistic" touch ) That one you drew would make a good one!
Ai, nice find for geometric! How fun that they had animals at the mall. I love that you substituted a black & white chicken for a zebra. It is much too cold here to go out and sketch any animals. I've been sitting in my mobile studio all bundled up so I can do a snow sketch or two.

Jo, thanks. I usually resort to lemons for yellow so when I saw the chairs I knew they had to be part of my sketch. What a fun Rubic's cube. I like the longhorn design on it. I never had much luck with those (the cube, not the longhorns). Fun pattern design on the edge of the rug.

Robin, sorry the meds are affecting Tom like that. It makes it hard on you too. ((Hugs!)) Nice find for a different light bulb.

I've been a little lazy this hunt. I don't know why since it has been so cold I'm spending a lot of time indoors. My plan is to go back into the living room and do a few sketches now...if I don't get distracted along the way. lol
Joan -- I laughed when you wrote "guess where I sketched"... that's a good sketch, I like the facial expressions. Nice to see the graphite drawings!

Ai -- love the animal sketches!

Robin -- good find! Best wishes to Tom and you.

Jo -- my daughter love those cubes and can solve them incredibly fast.... it's a kind of sport to see how fast you can solve it!

#2 cube-like building in the mirror, sort of a doodle while I waited when my daughter was at an appointment.

#3 zebra sub Ai's black and white chickens sub white egret on my walk today. Put in the color when I got back to my car a couple minutes later. Foot and eye are yellow, but hard to see it!
#11 digi done on my mobilephone of a plastic numbering game seems not so quite square

Hi Robin,

Ned, designs are interesting. I have a hard time repeating things, I get bored. Clever on the rear view sketch. I like doing the cubes but not good at planning ahead so slow for me. Same with Chess or games you have to plan your strategy. Good sketch of the egret and nice find.

Joan, we are alike with the yellow stuff. Love the baseball, we don't have any and you would think we would from UT Baseball. Nice find on the nightlight, cube and foot. Clever!! Well drawn, too. Haven't seen a handset phone in years. I'm smiling.

Ai, haven't seen one of those games in ages. They used to have them on the opening page of iMacs. Fun to do. Nice bright sketch. The orchid is beautiful, I like your drawing without lines and then the center highlighted. Mmmmm.

I sketched down by the pond on a beautiful day. Today is cold and blustery again. In the large Canson sketchbook with a Sharpie and added watercolor at home.
Number 5, wheels and Number 6 brown

👋 Hopefully comments to follow soon.....

2 — "letters" (with some help from "jingle bells")
~~~~~~~~~~ (sweatshirt and mug)

..... freehand
..... non-virtual copy paper
..... Pentel Twist-Erase mechanical pencil
..... HB .5

..... cropped and tried to fix exposure in ArtStudio Pro

As I try to re-learn how to draw, I remembered I used to have fun drawing logos and stuff.

A couple of times back then, I drew a freehand grid for spacing, but usually I went gridless. So this time, I went gridless, and Heaven (and Santa) forgive me, I also desecrated a beloved song to go with the sketch 😄😇.....

Dashing through the snow,
With fun fun words I play
Erasing as I go,
Smiling all the way 😊
Ned — Thanks! A phone booth! I saw one a few days ago and couldn't resist lifting the receiver but there was no tone. I wonder if it would have kept my coin if I put one in? And would the coin ever be collected? ⏳ Wow, that is quite the cool "doodle" - fantastic choices for a scene-in-scene - and amazing result!!! 😃 And your egret - look at the fierce expression of that elegantly feathered beauty in her wildly moody environment - fantastic work 🎨

Joan — Thanks, I'm taking your advice, back to basics!!! Oh, for a Starbucks... I didn't used to go there for the coffee... I almost always got their strawberry one with the real whipped cream 🍓 What great expressions you found among those people - wonderful, cheerful, happy sketch!!! 😂 Wow, that baseball is beautifully drawn and shaped, as are all each of your sketches, including the lovely sky-blue phone!!!

Ai — I love your cool solar panel sketch and the photo too 👍 Your numbers game made me smile and remember 😌 Beautiful and delicate sketch of the orchid!!! The sketches and photos of the petting animals at the mall was very moving. Your sketches are wonderful and show the gentle spirits of those many animals. And in your photos, the animals look very healthy and well-cared, even in that unusual situation. It made me so very happy to see them, along with your tender sketches of them...

JoC — Thanks so much ☀️ I've never seen a Rubic's cube quite like that - very nice sketch - what cool stuff you have shown us on these events!!! 😎 Ditto on your lovely golden rug!!! Love the whole scene by the pond, with its colors, and its POV, and all that beauty coexisting in one place 😍

Robin — So good to see you here - may you and Tom be somehow blessed despite the deep hardships of your situation 🙏❤️‍🩹🙏 Enjoying your explorable oven sketch - lovely sketch, full of life and useful hope!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your sketches if you have time 😌
Ned, thanks. It was too cold out for me to want to sit in my "mobile studio" to sketch. I'm not a Starbucks fan but I wanted an indoor location and each one is a little different. I really like your side view mirror sketch of the buildings. Those are fun to do. I've sketched views like that when I've been in line waiting for the ferry to CT. Nice capture of the egret.

Ai, good sketch of one of those fun tile games. I always liked those. Nice looseness to your orchid sketch.

Jo, thanks. I found the baseball somewhere years ago. I figured it would come in handy in the scavenger hunts and have used it before so it is in my box with assorted things I've collected. I like your sketch of the pond area. Makes me wish I could go out walking but it is much too cold to attempt that these last few days.

Pine Cone, your ditty made me laugh. NICE lettering! Thanks for your your comments. I usually get a decaf cappuccino at Starbucks. I used to get decaf peach tea but they don't seem to have it any more. There were lots of interesting people inside and they all stayed seated long enough for me to sketch them.

10 - a number of logs covered in snow - watercolors

11 - snow (sub for the "s" words) - gouache (which I haven't used in eons)

Joan, Jo, PineCone, Ned, Stephanie, JennyJo, Robin, Fletch et all...: I hope you all are safe and warm wherever you are.

Love all the wonderful sketches posted... sorry that I have not type much comments and my thanks... my thumbs hurt... possibly from using mobile phone too much.