Scavenger Hunt from Life #78: July 29 - Aug 6

Ned: Amazing water scene and those trees.

Paul: Love Avocado

Joan: Wow... super great news, congratulations on winning art #1 judged award. Awesome colorful happy sketches as always.

Joy: So good sunglasses as the cool start of this Hunt.

Jo: lol... I do the same, forgetting to hit send. So pretty hanging flower.
fivers or less, gel pen
1 flower
2 use in kitchen lemon juicer
3 fruit
4 veg

You know what…the veins on the cantaloupe actually run under/ over each other, this is an odd man made cross breed…very sweet looks like cross between honey dew and cantaloupe
Hi Robin! Good to see you. Love your sketches! Fun continuous lines and great hatching on the pepper. I like how you indicated the "veins" on the cantaloupe.

Jo, thanks. The water has improved and the temperature dropped a bit since our storms last night. Hope that it doesn't get as hot as predicted for you. Makes you not want to go out and do anything. Your flowers look good from here!

Ai, thanks. My win came with a nice to a show at a local theater and a gift certificate toward dinner.

I headed down to one of our local marinas this morning.
5 - blue lift - watercolors
6 - water view

Ned, nice drawings, especially the continuous line, which is a very difficult technique.
Paul, love the freshness of the avocado. I over work, so I greatly admire the technique.

Oddly enough, in the mountains of SW PA, this has been our coolest summer ever! This is the first time in over 30 years that we never put our window ac in the bedroom. A few days in the mid eighties, but it dropped low at night. I am not a fan of hot weather as I run and do a lot of outdoor activities.
Robin: Love the lemon juicer and the fruit.

Joan: Wonderful marina scene. Love all the vertical lines.
We are toward the end of our home reno. still busy decluttering my studio space... all my materials are packed and moved around the studio accommodated painting of the walls. It is difficult for me to reach for what I want. Got a set of markers to use for now.

#1 fruit... a drying peach left in a bowl inside our fridge.

Thanks everyone.

Robin, delicious results! Interesting on the cantaloupe rind, I never noticed that. Very cool continuous lines. Always takes longer to post than to sketch.

Hi, Ned. What a yummy find for your sketch and comes with a pie. Wow!

Joan, I shouldn't complain of the heat, it is normal not like the temps you are having and others around the country. What a great lift in blue!! nice view and find.

Joy, we might all come visit if you stay cool a bit longer!

Ai, love the peach, you do well with markers. Good hatching to blend the colors.

I sketched in the BookFactory sketchbook with a Micron 02.
Number 2, from the kitchen counter - small individual serving blender
Number 3, used for cooking - Crisco
Number 4, water view

Jo, just had to say I love the blender. Immediately recognizable!
It has been the tail end of our 6-day long holiday in Thailand. So my friends and I went sketching at a cafe by a canal, overlooking the giant Buddha in a distance.
#2 water view ... BangkokYai canal... done with wc pencil and ink



I departed with my sketching friends, went home and came out to the same area with Tone to sketch a more closer view of the same morning big Buddha but from another cafe's roof-top. The sunset light changed so fast; I tried to cope with this... done in directwatercolor.
#3 sub. a view out of a window ... with a sunset view of the Buddha statue in a distance



In the late evening, after sketching at the cafe's roof top. We visited another local pizza place.
#4 gateway ... (the shop's black metal door)
#5 food I love ... pizza
#6 red ... the shop's decor: wall and chairs




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Ai, these are magnificent! I really loved the way you captured the whole essence of the scene and the Buddha. Asian culture thrills me - I went on a student tour of the Orient decades ago and it was the highlight of my life.
Joy, glad the weather has been cool there for you.

Ai, thank you. Wow!!! That is one BIG BUDDHA! I love both paintings. It looks as big as the surrounding buildings. Is it really that big or is it a bit closer than the other things? I love the decor of the pizza place. Fun sketch...and it looks yummy.

Ned, great berry sketch...don't torment me like that with a picture of the pie!!! Now I want some.

Jo, thanks. Nice work on the blender and the can of crisco...nice detail. Your water view always makes me smile.

I was working on a larger 8 x 10 painting at a farm stand today. It isn't finished but cropping it I was able to get a few items.
7 - fruit (heirloom tomatoes) - watercolor
8 - vegetable (cabbage)
9 - something healthy (arugula)
10 - red (Long Island tomatoes)

Joy, thank you.

Ai, absolutely beautiful work on your sketches. The first one is amazing in detail a nd form. The sunset one is so spontaneous and lovely. I like the pizza parlor. (We had pizza today.) Thanks for the photos, too.

Joan, l really like your farmers market sketch. I will try that when the weather gets better.
Great sketches ! You are all so inspirational

ned nice blueberries
JoC love the blender
Joan lovely sketches love the boat cradle, boats need love too
Ai - wonderful sketches, thanks for the photos too….
Joy- hi
Jo, thanks. We had perfect weather to be out sketching at the farm stand!

Ai, thanks for the info. That is amazing!

Robin, thank you for checking in this morning.
Joan: Your fruit and veggie farm stand sketch is amazing, can't wait to see the finish piece.
Joan - the veggies are so washy and are a perfect use of the medium.