Scavenger Hunt from Life #69: May 18 - May 26

joe1lt, hope you are well now. Look forward to your drawings.

Joe, I'm pretty used to gluten free from years of it, but miss bread at restaurants and homemade flour tortillas.

Robin, what a unique egg carton. Very cool and your hatching is perfect for that. Woohoo!

Ai, love the coffee grinders and the flower is very nice. Happy you are sketching more.

EP, I am pleased to see your uke! I figured we would see one. Thanks.

I hope to do the egg carton for this list and then go to Robin's list.

Number 5 Xanadu - the beautiful stained glass at the dentists. They have about 10 windows across the top of front wall over the regular doors and windows. I didn't do it justice, they are just beautiful. The one over the door has the address number.
Number 6 instrument - the dental instruments.
Both in the small travel sketchbook, Strathmore, with Acurit .3 and some markers at home for color, so colors may not be right.

Joe - great job on the egg carton. Good job on the Almond flour. Made me think of Almond Milk and Oat milk - how do they milk those items? How many almonds does it take to get 1L of milk? LOL.
Jo - mmm potatoes on the groovy striped fabric!! Cool popcorn jug - is there a photo? And thank you. What a beautiful stained glass window!!
Robin - fun red ink room. What a strange and groovy egg carton - almost looks like the wheel/locomotion track belt on the bottom of an excavator (
Joan - yay sheep shearing - in public so the shearer person might do an even slower and deliberate job so that the people can watch and learn. Oh look at the wonderful shaggy curls on the llama!
Ai - fun little car. I saw a short video of a Smart Car getting a vinyl wrap to make it look like R2D2 from Star Wars (
). Mmmm coffee
Jo : Love Xanadu cool dketch and blue coffee pot..Thanks for hosting.

Ep: Thanks for fun car
Thanks all y'all. Had to get the egg carton in. In the large Canson Watercolor sketchbook with pencil and watercolors.
Number 7 egg carton - I keep one cut in half for hard boiled eggs so we can tell the difference. About 9 x 7 inches, 40 minutes or so.


Thanks for sharing here. See ya on Robins Hunt 70!