Scavenger Hunt from Life #34: August 2 - August 10

Terri, thanks so much! The pink hand weight is great! Mine are boring colors. Maybe I'd use them more if they were more colorful...yeah, right. lol Super plant sketch. Is it a dracaena? For some reason that name sticks in my mind from when I used to actually have plants in the house. Now I don't get enough sunlight coming in so I don't bother. Where are ya moving to?

Joe, thanks. That tree was one I hadn't seen before. Someone used the app Picture This to identify it and supposedly it is a "princess tree" which depending on the variety may be an invasive species. It was rather strange looking with seeds/pods that looked sort of like pointy olives but were sticky. Very nice shading on the weight your wife uses. Your graphite sketches are always so well done.

Ai, I like the footwear and the persimmon. Nice work with the cps.

Joe 1, thank you.

Went with hubby to the retina specialist. I planned on sketching a person in the waiting area, but I got as far as getting the outline of one of the arms of the chair and we were called in. I ended up just turning the tiny sketchbook the other way and sketched Jerry after they put the numbing drops in his eyes. Notice the stars above his eyes. That means they are doing injections in both eyes.

3 - medical equipment (sub for exercise equipment - ink
4 - cloth (mask)
5 - something rigid (his prosthetic leg) which happens to be right where the arm of the chair originally was
Joe, Joan - thanks so much!

Is it a dracaena?
Joan - you're right! I had to look it up to refresh my memory, but that's what it is. Thank you! :LOL:

Nice ink sketch of your husband - you got a lot of items in there! Hope he gets through his medical issues with flying colors. ❤️ Great sketching!
Joan, super flexible tree branches. The scene with the soft grasses is so nice, the umbrella sets it off.

Joe, such a nice weight drawing. Excellent shading. Interesting how we can see things in a photo. I always try to take a photo of my paintings before deciding they are done.

Ai, nice persimmon and cute shoes.

Terri, fun weight in pink, well done. The houseplant is cool and in a nifty pot.


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Terri, thanks for your kind words about my hubby. He has an ongoing condition that has to be treated and watched at the present time.

Jo, thanks. You lucked out with two sleepy doggies. Sweet!

6 - made of stone (wall) - watercolor
7 - up on the roof (shadows)
8 - houseplants

Jo - thank you! I love your comment on one of your sleeping pups: "So black you see nothing but black!" :LOL: That's a challenge to sketch, but you did well. They're both sweet!

Joan: You're very welcome. My best wishes for his continued good health. ❤️

Your watercolor of the side of the house and rooftop is amazing! I can't believe all the details you got in there: the roof tiles, bricks, siding, garage doors - even the little weeds in the sidewalk. Excellent work!

Your people sketches are terrific, as well. Love your just-awakened dog, maybe ready to go outside? Very nice work.
Joan your scene with the car and the rock wall is so good. Always love your people.
Posting from my phone. Number 2 window treatments at daughters. Micron 03 and watercolors.
The fan is out on the patio. I forgot the center of the sliding door. Ha.
Hi art buddies, we did make it to home wedding aug 5 despite stroke and rehab. not outta the woods yet, stroke recovery is slow challenging process.
Hope to contribute a bit ........glad to see everyone’s work, you give much joy and beautiful art.
Hi, Joe and thanks. Part of my post went away, the small dog is so black that if she isn't looking at you for a reflection of her eyes you can't hardly tell which end is which.

I sketched in the Art Street Mixed Media sketchbook, 8.5 x 11 inches. The paper isn't as heavy as the Canson Mix Media sketchbook but takes some water. Didn't use any yesterday or today.
Number 3, exercise equipment - stair stepper at Jennie's
Number 4, soft - blanket on chair at home Both with Micron 08


Hi, you've all done a beautiful job, beautiful paintings and drawings. 1, 2 3, usb, cables, mouse, in words something refident, something flexible, and paper handkerchief replacing fabric

2022-08-10 00-12.jpeg
Joe1lt, nice work. I like your lines.

Terri, (typed Joan first. Sorry ) thanks for the Hunt. Joe, I’ll check out the new Hunt.
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Jo - I love those window treatments! So colorful and the pattern is so cute! Love the photo of your pups. :) Nice sketching with the Macron and the Sharpie, too!

Joe1It - nice sketching of flexible items and using the tissue to replace the fabric!
I hope everyone enjoyed this Hunt! I had fun hosting it.

On to the next one!
Terri, thanks so much and thanks for hosting!!

Robin, congratulations on the wedding! I am sure with love all things are possible. Praying for a good recovery.

Jo, I love the colorful window treatments, the stair stepper, the chair with the blanket, and that view of the back of the closet. The doggies are so cute!

Joe 1, nice lines to your sketches.

Joe, thanks for posting the new hunt. I already printed it out and got to work. See ya there
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Gene started back to PT today, so one more for this Hunt.
Number 6, houseplant - theirs were pretty sad. The one in the window was almost a silhouette. In the small travel sketchbook with the Sharpie pen.

Terri, thanks again for this Hunt!