Scavenger Hunt from Life #28 -June 15 - 23


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Good day art buddies,

Jeannie jo- very unusual vegetation, dreamy sketch

Joan- good bare bone line sketches . Fantastic how color brings out so much from a solid sketch. Lovely car watercolor

JoC - heheh… my hands always surprise me, I don’t feel so old….love fresh quality to the outdoor sketch. Totally enjoy the narrative about your bird pals .

Ai - wow, such a cool piece and a thousand thanks for the photo. I am gonna try to made both homepage regulars….the feeling of the man reaching up into the tree is beautiful

Ai, very cool of the coconut harvester. I have seen a few palm trees but nothing like you have! I love your multicolored hands, too. Fun.

Robin, I understand about the hands. Every once in a while I think I should look for a part time job, then I think, "What? I'm almost 80 years old." I really like the hatching on your hands and faucet. The shoe and bottom of the holder are well done, too.

Jennie Jo, I like your table stuff. Pretty multi colored bowl. I love pottery.

joe1lt, good on the watch. Pretty complicated. Interesting window with latch.

I sketched in the regular 9 x 12 sketchbook with a Micron 02 today here at my desk.
Number 2, hand
Number 3 kitchen utensil - opener
Number 4, hand position 2

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Thanks Jo. At one stage, after study and before employment, I almost set up a pottery studio. It was my first real adventure in being creative. Didn't make this one, but still love the feel of raw pottery.


Hello group! I've been sidetracked the last several days and now am thinking I won't get anything done this round.

Beautiful work by everyone - as always, I am impressed by the variety and skills here! ❤️


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Jo: Thank you. That handset with hand is super nice ... great proportion and depth... I can feel the grasp.

Joe: Thank you. Your 2nd hand gesture is very well-done, despite minimal strokes.

Jennie: I did a micro of some scupture class in the past... It feels great to hold and mold the clay...imagine what you can do in ceramic studio...
Joe1: Thanks.

Terri: Thanks. I see what you mean... I feel a bit out of steam too this week, as I am trying to do "a month of 30x30 directwatercolor on FB group in June... and the cognitive of all these mini arts just drain me...

Robin: Hello.