Scavenger Hunt from Life 105 February 29 - March 8

Hi everyone!
Joan, thanks so much. I like painting glass.

Ned, thank you.

I sketched at the skin doctor's office. Regular 6 mo checkup. They sell hats. So sketched in the travel Canson sketchbook with the Acurite 03 pen.

Number 6 for travel - sun hats. The woman (older) had on a Dolly Parton t-shirt and that made me smile.
Number 7 open book - substitution of brochures on a table.


Jo, l like the display of hats for sale and the brochures on the table. Hope the doctor's visit went well.

We had a foggy/wet day yesterday and I went down by one of the marinas. It was foggy and raining on and off. The thickness of the fog and the amount you could see changed minute by minute. This was sketched from the parking lot at the Dublin Deck, a popular bar/restaurant in the warmer months. It is closed right now. At times I couldn't see across the canal.

14 - out my window - watercolors and ink with a touch of white gouache

My Wednesday evening sketch group got together last night and our theme was primary colors.

15 - glass bottle - watercolors and ink
16 - duck (sub for cat)

Jo: beautiful hats and the extra lady... great group of open books.

Joan: lovely still-life with the duck holding a paint brush... beautiful bell pepper and blue bottle.
Hi Ai!

Joan, I like the foggy scene, you captured it so well! The pepper and blue bottle are fun, too.
I needed color in my day so played in the dust on the same wiped off piece of UArt. The UArt paper is curled unless you mount it or tape it with a whole role of tape so using it for sketches. You can see in the lower part if I drag a dark color across it hits the bumps in the paper and doesn't make a wide swath. The mixer and the bottle are about the same height. I should have moved the bottle more forward for a better composition and put the beaters in between. But it is just a sketch and a used paper! Ha.
Number 8 small appliance - mixer and Number 9 savory

Jo, fun to see your red hand mixer...mine is boring white. lol Looks good!
Jo: Fantastic pastel with gorgeous colors... Totally love it !!! Sorry that I have not sketched as much as I wish. You have done great hosting. Thank so much.

Joan: Always continuous great beautiful inspiring art works. Love them all.
#4 sub. From the bathroom with from exam proctor room...



#5 favorite sketching tools:


#6 with numbers -- a projector, showing exam clock time to front of exam room
#7 blue -- exam room chairs.

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Jo, Joan, Ai, Vivien,
many masterpieces
4 something sweet
fruit, mandarin and pear, drawn 2 times, 1x2.
and a chocolate egg with a rag doll on it, my sister bought it as a gift for Easter. to her friend with children
in ballpoint blue ,a5 sketchbook

2024-03-06 12-52_pagina_1.jpg
2024-03-06 12-52_pagina_2.jpg
#8 tool -- an engine hoist by the School of Engineering hallway.



#9 sub. cat with birds ...A nearby shopping mall has birds on display....








Thanks, Joan and Ai.

Ai, your students look so dedicated and focused. You did well on their gestures including feet! Looks like a Lamy pen. Nice brush. I like the numbers and wow on the blue chairs!! Good find on the hoist. Ooooh the birds. Beautiful colors and gestures. Applause!!

joe1lt, Great fruit and hatching. The doll candy looks cute. I need to get some food, now.
Ai, thanks. Looks like you're trying to catch up. I always love seeing your sketches of the students taking exams. Your sketches of the birds are wonderful. Of course, I like those colorful parrots the best, but they are all so fun. Maybe I need to check out our malls more often. I've never noticed fun sketching opportunities like these. That hoist looks serious!

Joe 1, I like the sketches of the rag doll. Nice lines to the fruit.

Jo, thanks for hosting!

Fletch, see you over there.
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