Scavenger Hunt #110: April 9 - April 17

Joan: Yes, I feel the extra focus I had to put in while draw with my non-dominant hand. I slow down the speed too. Great info. of the AWS show. Yes, the St.Marc one was absolutely amazing. Thanks for hosting this Hunt.

Fletch: Thanks so much for your kind words and the info. of AWS.

Jo: Hello and Thanks. I know what you mean when life has taken you places...and eventful.

Ned: Robin: EP: and all: Hello and See you at the next Hunt.
Fletch, good try! It gets easier with practice. ;)

Ai, thanks for so many sketches for the hunt.

Ned, glad to hear you're on the mend. You were missed!
#11 used for my art ... done with non-dominant hand .... cp & 2B pencil


#12 monochromatic (a back pack) ...done with markers and non-dominant hand

#13 made of fabric (a carry bag for markers) .... done with markers and non-dominant hand

#14 hard ..a bottle...done with cp and with my non-dominant hand


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Jo, wish you could have snuck in a few sketches...maybe next time.

Ai, I like your "used for art" materials. Good sketch of the backpack and that bottle with your non-dominant hand. You make it look so easy. lol

Fletch, good thinking for "flies." I almost did the same thing, but never got around to it. I've been spending a lot of time out painting al the flowering trees, which left little time for sketching for the hunt. Maybe I can get in another sketch before I leave for my art group's gel printing workshop.
I managed to get in a sketch. Too lazy to go look for another item! Joan, nothing says you can't post more that one flower or landscape or view of your item. We love seeing your sketches.

Fletch, good thinking on the flies. I started the flags at our grocery but I was too far away and they looked like dots....

Number 2, I think, flowers - the same old geranium. It has a few more blooms. With Micron pens in the BookFactory sketchbook half page. Other half for next Hunt. See all y'all there.

Fletch, gelli printing is just too complicated to explain. lol

Jo, I didn't think of flags flying. Hmmm... I like that you added color just to the geranium flowers.