Scavenger Hunt #110: April 9 - April 17

Fletch, thanks. Yes, I zoomed in to do the text on the pen. Doing text is always hard for me, and I am afraid to screw up the zooming. lol I don't use Procreate often enough to learn how to do things properly. I know there are shortcuts to doing things but I haven't learned them yet.
Bongo, isn't it great how Ai is constantly taking us on a tour of Thailand?

9 - skyscape - direct watercolors


10 - brightly colored - direct watercolor


11 - vehicle - ink

Joan the road is direct… the tree cast shadows and cold grey river make me snug my coat. Very wet watercolor blossoms feel kinda sleepy. Like the CLOSEUP petals.

Ai . Nice quick refreshing lime beverage. I just on impulse purchased a bag of limes a couple days ago and now I have idea for prep.! Cool wavy line for shadow in lefty drawing. Interesting tension in the left had sketches

JoC. The field sketch is nice place to roam. Great job on the trees and scrub grass. The teal backdrop connects well
Wow.. just saw the other pieces! Super

Joan adore the digitales especially the salt shaker. The sharpie is spot on.

Ai - wonderful sketches. Big Buddha and sight seeers is like a moving collage. The bridge composition is daring and delicately detailed excursion. Not least is the simple FUN WITH FOOD! What fun…I simply MUST get out the watercolors. You are exuberant and shameless example is great gift. Thanks
Robin, I like your travel bling...nice memory of Israel. Glad you take your keys when you leave home. I like the room with the display case...what are my choices?? I like the position of the figures transfixed by the video game. Thanks for your comment.

I took a trip into the city today by myself. I wanted to go see the American Watercolor Society show before I missed it. I took the Long Island Railroad in so here is:
12 - something used for travel (train seating) - watercolors and ink
13 - item you wear


14 - animal (who kept changing positions) - pencil


15 - scratchy (bushes) - watercolors and ink
#2 keep me healthy...2nd version, (orange+apple+mango+avocado) ... attempting still-life version

#9 use for cooking ..done by my nondominant hand...and done with markers

#10 use for cleaning ...done by my nondominant hand...and done with markers


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Bongo, Joan, Robin, Fletch, and Jo: Thank you so much.

Joan: Great job of scratchy with all the city details... lovely capture of the lady on the train seat. You did great with the moving dog... the lines give the feel of motion. The spring bloom is very sweet. The skyscape is fantastic with the extra water scene in distance. The vehicle is a spotted on. The digital set was charming.

Robin: Wonderful confident fun lines from you as always. I have to say that you have incredible talent of drawing that arm chair, and I can feel its 3D cushion...amazing details of objects in distance cabinets too. Love the home gamer scene, such an intimate capture.
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Ai, thanks so much for your comments. Nice still life of the fruit...good color and highlights. Your non-dominant hand sketches are really good. They look like regular sketches. Good job!
16 - item for my health (blood pressure cuff) - ink (non-dominant hand)
17 - item for cooking (Kosher salt) (continuous line)
18 - item for cleaning (continuous line)
Joan: Wonderful non-dominant hand. The continuous lines in the salt and the cleaner are super !!!
Joan - Very dramatic sky. Love the tree but dies not look like your normal style. Nice truck sketch. Do we get a review if the watercolor Society show or just the painting of the area. Nice line work on the dog. You and Ai are just showing off with these non-dominant hand drawings.

Robin - Wow. Very productive. Love your hatching style. You capture textures so well.

Ai. - Love the fruit still life. You do better with your non-dominant hand than most people using their dominant hand.

Keep sketching
Wow, all y'all have done so well. I got all tangled up with life! We had two nieces visit, one from New Mexico and her sister from Tennessee, so we had meals with Texas family, sightseeing, visiting, etc. No sketching or commenting. I'm the next Hunt so will put it up tonight. You can still sketch here through tomorrow. Maybe I can get one more in tonight. Whew! Right now I'm catching up. Hope to comment more on the neat sketches.
Ai, thanks. Non-dominant hand sketches take a lot of concentration on my part. Do you feel that way too?

Fletch, thanks so much. The tree was a lot looser than I usually paint. Thanks for noticing. Here's a very short review of the AWS show.

The American Watercolor Society Show was great! There are so many artists there that I admire and would like to paint like "when I grow up." There are a few artists in the show who I've either taken classes with or seen demo in person, so it is fun to see who has been selected for the show. I should take notes on the show so I know the artist's names. I used to buy the catalog each year, but I don't buy it any more because I don't really go back and look at them again.

One of my favorite paintings was done on watercolor paper that was HUGE... maybe elephant ear or larger. It was a street scene of a shopfront in Chinatown. My paintings have a lot of detail but imagine even more detail on a huge paper in mostly reds and yellows. It was amazing!

Another amazing one was by Robin Erickson who painted Saint Mark's Cathedral but so differently than most people. She painted the scene from the top of the people's heads in the square and downward. The Cathedral was then painted in the flooding water/puddles on the ground so the whole thing was upside down. It was wonderful. I know her name because I scanned the QR code next to her painting, but it only takes you to her website and the painting isn't on her website.
Jo, you all have been busy with company...nice to see everyone I'm sure.

Fletch, I looked for the winners and couldn't find them. Thanks for the link. Sometimes I like paintings that aren't winners and that's why I use to buy the catalogs. I would have a hard time picking award winners. I like too many paintings that were there.
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To be honest Joan a few of the prize winners I wonder how they made the show let alone won a prize.😎

#1 something used for art NONDominant hand challenge. Think this is more like what most people’s non-dominant hand work looks like.

Keep sketching

P.S. Notice erasures. This corrected version.
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Hi All, enjoyed looking through all of these! ( Great sky Joan! ). I'm on the mend. Hopefully see ya in the next one!