Scavenger Hunt #110: April 9 - April 17

Joan T

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Scavenger Hunt #110: Apr 9- Apr 17
Welcome to the Scavenger Hunts from Life. The Hunts were started in 2006 by Jamie Williams Grossman as a way to practice with prompts. Artists have come and gone while forming some lasting friendships. We hope you will join in and tune up your sketching skills. All levels and techniques are welcome. We hope you can have some good times here. You can travel the world seeing the sketches of items at hand by the artists.

If you’ve participated in at least one Scavenger Hunt and have time to host one we would really appreciate it. You can sign up by posting your name on the current hosting schedule in the Art From Life forum here:

Here are the rules for the Hunt:
*All everyday common items on the list must be sketched from life – not imagination or photo reference.
*Each object you draw can count for only one item on the list, no matter how many shapes/parts/colors that object contains. This was agreed on by unanimous vote among the participants.
*You may place multiple objects together in a drawing or painting, and may count these objects as separate items, but no single object can count for more than one item.
*All items posted must be numbered. Count them as you go. The first item you post will be #1 regardless of its place on the list. Do them in whatever order you wish, but count them in the order in which you sketch them, from 1 to 26.
*Do as many or as few of the items as you like. You don’t have to finish the entire list to participate. The Scavenger Hunt “week” will last for 9 days, with the next hunt starting on the 9th day.
*Please tell us your size, surface, medium, and the amount of time it took you for each sketch. We love hearing about your subjects and setups. Photos of your subjects are welcome.
*Have fun!
*** If you have some hunt sketches completed but little time to read/comment, please post your sketches anyway. Commenting is appreciated but not required.

Scavenger Hunt #110: Apr 9- Apr 17

Something that flies
Something that makes music
Something used for your art
Something used for travel
Won’t leave home without it
Brightly colored
Made of glass
Made of fabric
Made of plastic
A landscape
A skyscape
A tree
An animal
A building
A vehicle
Something soft
Something hard
Something scratchy
Item for your hair or head
Item for your health
Item that you treasure
Item that you wear
Item for cooking
Item for cleaning

Challenge #1: Do one or more item with your non-dominant hand.

Challenge #2: Put two or more items into the same sketch.

Have fun!!!
Hi, Fletch and Jo. Hope you have some time to sketch.

1 - flowers - watercolors
2 - trees
3 - building

Hi all... we all are back to our Bangkok home.

Joan: Thanks for a nice list of this Hunt. It is so nice for you to give us a good start of this Hunt with your beautiful nature sketch.
Joan, your flowers, trees and building sketch is amazing. Love the spring greens. And.... you are first. The soft flowers are beautiful ... dogwood??

Ai, you draw with your non dominant hand so well. Beautiful form and lines.

I sketched the same landscape at the PT place. I put in an open gate to make it more welcoming. It would let the cows out. I didn't see the cows today. Watercolors and Micron 02 in the Ohuhu sketchbook so about 7 x 10 inches.


and a photo:
Joan: Thanks so much. Gorgeous magnolia sketch.

Jo: Thanks so much... lovely landscape.
Jo, thanks. I like the landscape with the gate open...definitely more welcoming! I wonder where the cows went... The flowering tree is a magnolia. I figured I'd better go sketch it before all the blossoms fall off in the rain.

Ai, thank you. Nice sketch of the glass and the straw. What is on the blue plate? It looks like flower petals. Nice lettering.

5 - landscape - direct watercolor

Ai, thanks. I love the glass and straw. I'm with Joan wondering what that is to eat on the flower petals.

Joan, thank you. I saw the magnolia blooms after Ai mentioned it. We don't see dogwood here. Your landscape has the beautiful blooms of spring. Applause.
Thanks Joan, and Jo. The blue plates contained a special Thai traditional dish appetizer, call Meung-Kleb-Bua which was made from lotus petals. It is from an organics lotus farm. The pink lotus petals and other green herb leaves will be used to wrap up a bite size mixture of roasted coconut flakes, dry shrimp, stamen of lotus, a tiny bit of ginger, and a tiny bit of sour mango... then they will add a big dob of palm sugar syrup. So to eat you will wrap each petal along with the dry ingredient up and put that on your mouth and chew. I was there with Tone, and I did not want to sketch the whole time... so I just sketch only the drink cup... but I do love to be there again to sketch their exotic Thai traditional dishes.
Ai, that sounds so lovely and looks beautiful. I've eaten a few flowers. One of my friends from Chile put the flowers from sweet peas in her salads. Pretty and taste good.
Jo, thanks. I love when there is so much in bloom like right now. Unfortunately we've had a fair amount of wet, rainy days so I'm not getting to sketch the blooms as much as I want.

Ai, thanks for the information about what you were eating. It looks so pretty on the plate and has such interesting ingredients. Like Jo, I've eaten a few flowers, but that has been rare.
#4 I treasure ...the Thai famous Big Buddha of Bangkok
#5 use for travel ...a long tail boat in Thailand



#6 brightly color -- temples & boats in Thailand



#7 soft -- pandan waffles at a cafe
#8 made of plastic -- a drink cup & a straw

This has been sitting in my notepad since last Tuesday. Comments were for the last Hunt.

Jo - every time I see on of you pond paintings I think about trying to draw some by the pond across the is nit directly across the street but behind the houses across the street. Problem is a gator lives in it so you have to watch around and move quickly. It would take me a while to sketch so would have to take Sharon and pushing her in the grasses would never be quick. So I am just jealous to live near a pretty pon I cannot draw.☹️. Especially like the texture on the poison oak version. Nice pen work on the plant.

Joan - Thought they tore all the els down in manhattan, thanks for info. Furthest north I use to go in Manhattan was 84th st and it was all underground. Both beachscapes are well done but something in the second one really draws me we get to see the full life of your tulips. Clever idea to use glasses to photograph the eclipse.

Ai - More food?😁. Painting is nice but peeled and cut up looks very yummy. Quite a challenging perspective of you, the chair and the cat. Palms look interesting. Abandoned shipyard looks like a great place to get some great subjects. Great work on the boats. All vehicles are challenging.

Robin - Love the door knocker. Is that your almost moved in home ? Like the clean flowing lines in the plant.

Keep sketching

Still working in this Hunt😎
Joan - Truly beautiful start! Don’t think magnolias are in bloom here. Will have to look tomorrow. Great shading.

Ai - love the line drawings. Just want to add that drawing that well with non-dominant hand IN INK is just showing off. Like the glass and straw but really wanted to know what delicious treat is on the post behind it. 😁. You capture your culture so well. Only way I will ever get to see it. Thank you.
Seeing the waffles I had to look up pandan. Apparently is is tasty and very beneficial health-wise.

Jo - My wc goal is to do landscapes like that. All the waterways around SWFL just waiting

#1 flower - From a basket of artificial flowers we have on table. Was playing with different was to use water soluble graphite so decided to try a flower. Did not turn out as I envisioned. Looked like more black than white. Lesson learned is you cannot erase it. Tried some white pen to salvage. Also extra petals were part of erasing substitute.
Was a good learning exercise.



Keep sketching
Fletch, thanks for posting the comments from the last hunt. I'm picturing you trying to sketch by the pond and avoid the gator. lol Our star magnolias are pretty much in full bloom, but the magnolia I sketched is just starting to bloom in most places here. Those are my favorite. Nice shading on the forms in the exercise. Sometimes the water-soluble graphite takes over and gets too dark.

Here's a little Procreate sketching.
6 - something hard (mug)
7 - made of glass (salt shaker)
8 - made of plastic (pen)
Joan - Great job on the digital sketches. Love the mug. Shading on the salt shaker looks like your watercolor shading, Curious, did you zoom to do the text on the pen?