Risk - Inktober 2021


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This is an attempt at several things outside of my comfort zone, but I am pretty excited about the end result. I don't do a ton of perspective or "action" shots, and I am not very skilled at character drawing, but I felt that this scene from Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse encompassed the prompt really well. A leap of faith.

I think there's still a lot for me to learn about perspective and also shading with COPIC markers! Feedback welcome!
Those things are way out of my comfort zone too, but from my limited experience, this looks like a really solid effort!
Wow! Really good. Great perspective, and everything else. It' a compelling scene all in all. You did great! :)
Thank you 😁 this morning I discovered a whole additional pack of copic markers in my drawer that I didn't realize I had 😅 I've been complaining a lot about not having enough shades to properly do shadows, and I was sitting on the solution all along! Definitely plan on studying more around shading with ink