Post YOUR OWN piece you like the most



My rant: chats about other artists’ paintings and/or sculptures and/or music and/or sayings get so many more views and comments here than posts of our own creations. Well yeah, human nature blah blah.... However, to my simple mind a site such as this one should focus more on what its members create and what other members have to say, or not, about these creations.
There are thousands of “chatting sites” out there and they have all kinds of names other than “creative spark”.
"You like the most" is putting the pressure on a bit ( yeah, I am very self conscious like that ;)).
So why not break the ice and kick of with your own best creation?
And by the way I fully agree that work posted by members is by far the most interesting thing of the site (though the art chat in general has its merit too, was pointed at interesting stuff I did not know about).
Yes, “putting on pressure” is cool, isn’t it?
I purposely did not post my own, was waiting for others to go first. Ha ha.....
I didn’t say that “art chats” have no merit, or are not interesting. I was just stating a fact: they get much more attention than our own works posted here.
C’mon EJH, show us your own favorite. I promise I will too.
OK, I'll kick it off, though I've already posted this one.

movin on.jpg

Followed closely by this one.
I was pretty sure that would be your favorite Musket. It is certainly a gorgeous piece.
Snoball, Nufocus
they are wonderful portraits, even jaw-dropping ones, painted wonderful.

Moschetto is an incredible work, I love your sculptures,
in the past I have seen, searched online many more paintings or drawings than sculptures, I love those by MIchelangelo and Bernini so much but I know few sculptures and most, even part of their works I have seen or reviewed recently, (I don't know how to say, that is, I see the sculptures again, I want to admire them more, I see them in an even more beautiful light, I admire wonderful works like this for the first time and if it is not for the first time and every time as if it were)
now, for about a year I love painting, drawing and sculpture equally, part of it is for you, having seen your wonderful sculptures, I am really grateful to you for that, it gives so much beauty.

thanks , thank you all
Musket, I’m sure I’ve seen it before but I can look at it many many more times. Just great!!
Thanks everyone.

I don't know if I can say it's my favorite so much as my best. I like them all, for different reasons.

I'm very partial to the droll little African pygmy kingfisher posted in sculpture, and have refused to sell the sharp-shinned hawk despite many generous offers-- she was my first completely independent, "my hands only" piece. And then there's the gilded otter. But this is the closest I ever came to fine art, the furthest from traditional decoratives, as realistic bird carvings are called.

She does have presence even in a photo. In the flesh she's positively spooky, which is what I intended.
Sno, those horses are also my favorite of yours, as you probably already know. I'm still trying to work it out financially.

My favorites of my own are hard to pick because I make a few different things, mainly kooky landscapes, and the abstracts.

Drum Lab, Oil on Panel, 30 x 34 inches.


Watch How I Wangle, oil on canvas, 34 x 34 inches.


The House on Doggie Trail, oil, paper, and fabric on birch wood, 20 x 20 inches.