Would you post your website here?

Texas taxes your artwork and equipment as property tax. Luckily not the price of the artwork but the materials used to make it. Then if you sell, you collect Sales Tax for your area and send that in. You can be sales tax exempt on materials you buy if you declare it at purchase and the store doesn't charge you. I haven't been selling so gave up my Sales tax number. If I would sell anything at the art league, they collect and pay the sales tax. I have prices on my website, they don't check that ... so far. Ha.
My website is: Daisy Hill Studio. I am a fiber-artist that decided in the fall of 2023 to start showing my work in galleries this year. So far I have gotten two galleries to show and they are thrilled as it falls in the fiber arts so it gives a little depth to the shows. I have a show in July but it is not a gallery per se but has the opportunity to have a lot of eyes on my work. I will continue to look for other avenues.
Hi folks. Well I have only just rebuilt my site in wordpress, sigh. It's still very much under development. Main reason was my memoirs are now finished so I needed an "author" site. Decided to combine art & book.
Still very bare bones tho.
Murray Winn dot com, in my signature now.
You can see mine in the signature. It just published a few days ago so it’s brand spanking new! I had to hire somebody to do it for me because I hate technology and no longer have the patience to deal with it in ANY capacity.

It was quite the endeavor for the poor web guy too because he was using a new editor thing called Fluid Engine offered by Squarespace that didn’t gel well with CSS codes or something. I have no idea what those words mean. All I DO know is that he would make some change on the desktop and the same copy would screwup on the other devices and the fixes kept going back and forth into frustrating insanity. It went on for months even though it’s a simple site, with only 4 pages. It still has issues (mostly spacing and line breaks) but now I’m afraid to touch it. So I won’t. For now.

(PS. Ugh. And now I just got the final invoice and it’s $800 over the estimate! I’m pissed because none of this was MY fault, and with no “warnings” about how much these issues would cost. He did say he’d “be fair” but I need to - at least - ask him for a breakdown of the costs. You can’t just send a bill that’s 40% over the estimate, without any kind of explanation, and expect me to just go along like a nice little doggie!)
Kim (Olive), I'm about to look it over. You should private message me and tell me what you paid in total and I can tell you if you got ripped off. Oh, wait. 40% over the estimate. I can maybe figure that out with a calculator! :ROFLMAO:

Anyway, at first glance, it looks awesome and pro, clean, and really damn good. It's excellent design. I'll keep looking. ;) You can email me anytime regarding this stuff.
Olive, I just went over your site, and I really don't think you got ripped. I understand the person went over what they told you, and that's not fair, but I think, with what you paid, you sure got a great deal. I would have charged a bit more for that. Not much, but maybe a couple hundred more for what's there. It's a pretty simple site, but it's super intelligent in terms of SEO and the wording, the layout, and everything else. It's alluring as well. And you are so F'ING talented it's astonishing!!!!
Don't know a thing about price but it's a nice site with some beautiful inspired art. Very original.
Thank you Wayne.

And to you too, Ayin. I DID think about writing to you before I started this because I trust you totally about these things but, you always have a ton on your plate. So I just barreled ahead by my little lonesome self into uncharted territory. At first, I expected HIM to sort of suggest the design based on what I was hoping to do because I had given him lots of ideas and links and suggestions before even starting. But once I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I changed the plan and said let’s make this as simple and easy as possible. Mostly it was me driving the design, but when things kept coming back to me looking totally misaligned, or mismatched, or so obviously wrong, I wondered if he was over his head, or if I was going insane. Once he informed me he was having this “Fluid Engine problem,” well, that helped.

This guy was very nice, with a lot of experience doing Squarespace sites. He had just never used this editor thing which was new and apparently, causing issues and frustration/anger with a lot of other developers. (He sent me a link so I could read all the complaints for myself.) So I don’t think I was getting ripped off or anything, but I was just surprised he would send the final invoice with no explanation whatsoever.

I just sent an email to ask him for ”an accounting” (as stated would be provided on the proposal). I would like to see how much of his time was me asking for typical client changes, and how much of his time was him struggling with the editor thing. I’ll balk and pay anyway and will keep using him for future changes. It’s just an uncomfortable - and unexpected - chunk of change.
Hmmm. I just spent a couple days in between stuff to build my simple site. Ages since I worked on websites. Still heaps to go and adding stuff like gallery etc. I HATE wordpress, but it works, mostly.
I just looked at Fluid Engine and comments on how it jells with Squarespace and to be honest, I would not have gone there.
When it works it's great, but the anecdotal hair tearing of fiddling to make things work was off putting.
Having said that, the guy built a really nice site with great material. I can also see how small changes would have compounded the fluid engine issues tho.
I think the site will present you & your work really well. Good luck
Olive, I don't even know what Fluid Engine is, and I have created a lot of Squarespace sites.

I will not touch WordPress because it's the most frustrating interface on earth! Yuck.

But your site works and has great little animated effects. I've done those and they are pretty cool.

When I run into problems I need to learn about, I never charge the client for that. That's on me. I'd find out if he were charging you for his roadblocks. Just out of curiosity. ;)