Plein Air - Chevron


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plein air 18"x14" oil on panel
comments welcomed

I set up on a pedestrian bridge

Hadn't counted on joggers. The bicyclers tho would whiz past going 35+ mph and made no sound

Bongo, very nice plein air. Looks balanced overall. I like your grey tones with some spark of blue/green color. Quite challenging view to paint, I think.
Nifty! I really like the trees. Wonderful scene and perspective.
The trees are great and I especially like the hint of the faded ones in the background. It gives the whole painting a neat vibe. Brings out that blue/green light pole, which I really love in this comp for whatever reason.
A very nice plein air piece. It looks like a welcoming spot to paint despite cyclists and runners, etc.
Thank you Thank you! I don't like to paint trees mostly because I don't know how but in Seattle you can't avoid them.
My technique is to pile on paint till something looks like a tree - albeit often one that's never been seen in nature before.