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(15525 is the street address)

I've painted the courtyard in the back of this building, the side of this building, the apartments across the street , the bridge down the road (multiple times)
Why? No reason.


set up and sketch -(I could not have picked a more challenging angle)

working on it

"15525" Oil on 16" x 20" panel

comments welcomed:


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You greatly simplified that one. It made a very pleasing painting. ❤️
I see why. These are all interesting angles of an unusual set of buildings. Me thinks. This is another great painting of this area! Love that little bridge. ♥️
Your ability to simplify is really something! I like how you made the trees and grass as much of a subject as the building.
Thanks Jo. I should have left out the stairs😉 - trying to do them from straight on was crazy.
Bongo, nice work on this one, good hazy distance, the blue bridge is interesting.
Gb, Mo - thank you.

Note to self: do not (attempt to) paint stairs straight on.

Had I chose to put my easel more to the right and angled a bit, I would have had a nice 3d structure to the building/stairs and all around would have been a better composition and given more to work with. But as you can see from the photo, moving right would have put my easel in the cross walk, and then into the cross street.

Note to self: If you find a great composition, but obstacles prevent doing a plein air - take a photo and make a painting of it in the studio instead.