Blue Bridge


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I've painted this, I think 3 times before from different angles. It's a pedestrian bridge used mostly by bicyclists and skateboarders, connects by walkways to another bridge like this.


It was very hot (for Seattle) - upper nineties. You'd think I'd have enough sense to move my easel a few feet to be in the shade. But that wasn't the angle I wanted - the sacrifices I make for my craft🙂


block in

time to pack it in, before I start "noodling'.


Blue Bridge: oil on 18"x14" panel

comments welcomed
Yes, I've seen this before in your work, but I think this is my favorite of all the compositions; maybe because of the placement of everything: the bridge itself, the poles, the stop sign, and the trees. It could also be the disbursement of the green-yellow-blue. It just works for me. Really great work Bongo. ♥️
VERY well done! I am in awe of they way you are capable of deconstructing/abstracting such a busy scene and so masterfully render each part. This is just terrific work- the two traffic signs are the linchpin of the composition.
Like JStarr says, I am in awe too! The beautiful bones of this one are evident in the block in and the finished piece is incredible! Your work on the background trees is so good and I like how they contrast with all the man-made stuff.
Ayin Thank you. "just works" is one of the highest compliments you can get IMO.
JStarr, thank you - After a lot of trial and error I think I'm finally getting what it is I need to do composition-wise for a street scene
Cali - thank you much appreciated.
Donna - I like doing city scenes cause I'm not good at trees, but Seattle was built on a rainforest so there are no escaping trees, everywhere. So that you like the trees made my day.
Ahhhh, love me some plein air and this is super. I like the trees, colors, technique ... all of it.
Hi Bongo. JStar nailed it, you manage to find a composition in a busy mixed up scene, that takes nerves and skill. I like it. The yellow bits lead you in nicely.
Love it! As others have stated, it's impressive how you broke down this very busy scene into bite-sized pieces that still let the viewer know they are in a cityscape, but it's a colorful, well-organized one. The bridge is lovely, the signs are superb! Great stuff - applause for your tenacity!
You have a nice painting here! I think the atmosphere is depicted very well and it’s drawn very well. I also like the way you paint trees