Painting Surface


Do you have a main painting surface area/counter or art cart top of which you work off of? Would you take a picture of it and post it? I thought this would be fun.

Here's mine:

Actually I am the bigger mess . this one is transfer images

this one is brushes and where I sign the paintings

An this one where I mix my paint ..

and I have 3 or 4 other spots for paint, frames, paintings, all kinks of crap
You obsessive neatniks make me sick! Bizzibee, come on, if I can show my mess, you will look like another neatnik. As you can see I didn't even put away my brushes before I stacked up my colored pencils. I will put it all away ahead of the next project but I took the photo just as it sits right this minute. *Hangs head in shame* 🤭🥴
I just cleaned up to fix supper for the old guy (me) when I saw this challenge.
This is a relatively neat
at stage for my abattior and not the all of it. was trying out new alkyd paint, looking for primaries, not going well. - supper!
OK, I think the neatniks are winning over the beatniks. Here is the tidiest part!:eek:. Apologies if your eyes are offended.;) Just a couple of clarifications: the teabag is not there for artistic purposes, I just find it easier to put them there! The surface is a large marble slab, which seems to have developed a patina all of its own, but not by me!:D Not sure how the scissors got there. Oddly, amid the chaos, I know where everything is and in all other aspects of life, I am ordered and tidy: I think Freud would have something to say about that!
Bizzi - thanks you make me feel tidy🤣
Sno - you're not far behind🤣
Trier - you come a close third😄
This is relatively tidy as I did a clean up a couple of days ago. Usually all the tops are off, half the colours are on the table alonside random tools and I have a clear up after finishing each painting or the mess gets too much,whichever comes first ha


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