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Hi everyone. I come by art the old fashioned way, by having been born with autism and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. I was fortunate in that I was able to get a degree anyway, but between a degree in English lit and my disabilities, go ahead and find a better than minImum wage job!

To make myself feel like not jumping off a building, I took up art as a hobby. You can see all my work on my art blog at Like it?

I also do some writing and was even paid for it once, around $10-$15. I have a blog for that too at Please note my piece where I wonder why I haven't killed myself yet!

David Rubin
Welcome to the forum David. It would be great if you posted some of your art here on the forums. :)

Some of us here have disabilities as well. You'll find that you are in good company.
Welcome to the forums David. It really is a friendly community, I think you'll like it here. :giggle:
You can see my work on my art blog at That's where I put all my work
Welcome sir.
I look forward to seeing your works, being one eyed, one armed or one eared....
simplistic, realistic or autistic is not a concern.

Not to compare or comment about you at all, but.....We think our dog is
autistic because she will bark and bark and bark if anything in the garden has
changed. It struck us when one day there was a towel on top of her kennel and she
just barked and barked at it. We removed it and she stopped.
Hello David. I stopped by your blog from the link you posted, I like the more minimalist the most. I hope you post your work here too and it's a fruitful place for you.