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I actually saw someone post on threads about this forum and honestly, I miss the old days of forums and blogging so I thought I'd mosey on over here and introduce myself.

I'm Brandi. I started creating art maybe 7 years ago? At the time I was living in Oregon and as an avid hiker and trail runner, I couldn't help but be inspired by the amazing natural world around me and felt compelled to try to capture even a little bit of that wonder on to paper or canvas.

Since then, my art has taken a bunch of twists and turns and expressions. I've moved back to Oklahoma (where my folks live and where I was mostly raised) and am still exploring and letting that inspire what I create.

I've been married to a cute guy I met in a bar for 17 years and we have two dogs named Ruger (aka Sherriff Roo) and Lucy (aka Deputy Lu).

So..hi! Looking forward to getting to know you guys!


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Hi Brandi, and welcome! Great to have you here. I like your work! Looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing more of your work. Make yourself at home. We have another member here from OK. :)
Hi Brandi, nice to meet you 👋 and welcome to the forums.
Thank you for sharing some of your art with us, I really like it!
Welcome to Creative Spark, Brandi! I'm sorry I missed your post until now. I like your work - looks whimsical and fun!

I hope to see more from you. :)
Hello Brandi. I think you will find this a lovely place to share your work or even just chat to members of our warm community. Interacting with cute guys in bars is a bit like playing Russian roulette, so I am happy it worked out well for you!