New Instructions For The Animal And Wildlife Monthly Challenge

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From Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England
Hello, and welcome to our monthly ANIMAL & WILDLIFE CHALLENGE.

Please choose from the photos provided on the first day of each month to create an artwork
in any medium.

You can use the photo’s to create any kind of artwork that you like .

Please use only the photo’s provided.

Please don’t post your artwork until the 20th day of the month [this is the ‘reveal’ day]
[it is exciting waiting to see ’ who did which photo and how they did it’ ]

Please don't tell us which photo you chose before the 20th !!

You can continue to post your artwork from the 20th until the end of the month.

On the 20th day of the month and continuing until the end of the month :
- Your artwork.
- AND , if you wish, any WIP [works in progress] photo’s that you might have
taken while you were doing your artwork.
- AND, if you wish, any comments about it.

We hope you enjoy the challenge, we're looking forward to seeing you ! :)
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