Mountain Chapel


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An old one from 2016. I posted it on WetCanvas, but it got lost during the move as so many threads.
Reference was my own photo from the memorial chapel at the Plöckenpass (Austria) we visited during our summer holidays.
Done on Arches CP paper 30x40 cm.

Good range of tones and you’ve captured the light beautifully….. I could wish the black was a colour black rather than a manufactured one, which I tend to avoid as they’re a bit dead! In all though, a lovely painting.
Lovely. wonderful shadows and light. I like the muted mountains in the distance.
This is a great painting which shows your wide range of strokes and textures. The difficult lighting is rendered beautifully. One tiny suggestion regarding the composition: I would avoid the kissing of the end of the left pole with the horizon line of the trees.
I really like to look at the details of your textures in the foreground.
I guess I didn't hit the "post" button yesterday. I love looking at this.
NOW, pushing the "post" button!
How beautiful! The lone figure and the flags are so perfect for perspective. Wonderful job!
I love how the strong shadowed side of the building helps add drama to this. Bravo!