Sunset in Wörlitz


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Done today on Arches CP paper 30x40 cm.
Reference was a photo I took this summer in Wörlitz during our visit of the Wörlitz Palace garden.
The weather was rainy during the day but cleared in the evening.


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Esther, what a lovely piece! Beautifully rendered clouds, very natural looking. Reflections and water beautiful. Grasses in water quite natural and well done. I would perhaps rendered the most distant trees and the distant trees from the row on the right a bit lighter in value as they recede. Also, the tree on the left blends into the grass on the bank such that it appears to be one object.
This is such a pretty scene. You have a good touch, getting those delicate grasses rendered so well. Love your line of trees, as well as their reflections.

I see what Joy is saying about the tree on the left, but it doesn't particularly bother me.

Lovely work!
Thank you for your valuable comments.
I will see if I can divide the tree on the left a bit better to the ground .
About the trees in the background, I painted them lighter at the beginning, but then they seemed to melt together with the far distant trees, which bothered me. So I darkened them, maybe a bit too much.

very nice .. the tree on the left isn't a deal breaker but the lack of atmospheric color doesn't help.
...if interested there is a good article here. Atmosphere In Art
The grassy patches in the Walter Look so delicate and the whole piece makes me want to go there. Well done!
So peaceful ... and I love that watery light! I really like those trees on the opposite bank, and those grasses in the water. :)