Another mountain chapel


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Maybe I should do a series :)

Another memorial chapel in the Dolomites in Northern Italy.
Reference was a photo I took on a hiking tour 2020.
Watercolors on Arches CP paper (30x40 cm)
Finished today, but I will keep it standing around to see if flaws are getting obvious.

Wonderful ambiance and execution.
Slight problem, on my monitor it looks like the white top of the chapel tower is detached and sort of floating because there is a horizontal white steak on the mountain just at the exact level as the boundary where the white top meets the brown stone tower. Probably much clearer IRL.
Oh, I really like this soft palette and those alpi ranges. Such fond memories you bring back for me. ♥️
Really well done!
Thank you Trier, you are an good observer, I will correct this.
Thank you Artyczar, yes this part of the Alps is incredible beautiful.
Beautiful Esther. I love the whole scene from the pink flowers in the foreground to the mountains in the back.

The "fixed" one is even better. It looks like you pushed the values in the foreground and middle ground a little and that helped a lot.
Very well done! The person in the painting is a bit distracting, but overall, a very solid painting.
Thank you all for your taking time and commenting.
Anne, you are right I improved mainly the values in the foreground.
Lamar, yes the figure turned out less helpful than I had thought.
Esther, stunning work! You have had spectacular views there when hiking. Inspiring reference material to paint. I vote for a series!
Really fine WC! The changes you made darkening and adding chroma in the foreground are excellent.