Monthly Art Prompts - September 2023


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Create some art that is inspired by any of this month's prompts. Let your imagination soar. Turn on your creative juices.

All media and styles are welcome (drawing, painting, digital, photography, sculpture, multi-media, representational, abstract, etc.). It can be something done quickly, a finished work of art or anything in between. It can be created from your imagination, from life or a photo reference. If you use a photo reference, please make sure it has no applicable copyright restrictions.

Here are the prompts for September. Have fun interpreting them.

Small Town
On a Window

Post your finished (or unfinished) art in this thread. Post any time during the month, as many times as you would like.
Tell us a little about the work if you so desire. For example, you could include the medium you used, where you got your inspiration or how long it took. When you post, it's always nice to "like" or comment on posts made earlier in the thread by other artists. We all like acknowledgement of our work!

For help in finding reference images online, click on the link: Tutorial: How to Find Copyright-Free Reference Images.
If you have copyright-free images that go along with the prompts that you would like to share, you can post them in this thread for others to use.

If you would like to provide prompts for a month, sign up here.
Here's one to get it started, Animal.

20230902Sk8 Shaggy Pup (WDE).png
Brian, very clever combo of two prompts.

Anne: What a cutie! Is that a yorkie!
AJ: Love your turtles. Happy Birthday Cookie & hello Atlas! :)
Brian: Super cool!
CaliAnn, I'm not sure of the breed. I got the reference from the internet and the person who posted it just took a picture of it while on vacation. Maybe the breed is "cute." ;)
Anne, really nice job on the fur rendering without doing too much.
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Sorry I have not been doing much commenting lately. We were on holiday to Greenland/Canada recently. This is 11 x 8, on Stonehenge Legion Aqua 140CP. It was part of a mystery pack I bought on Etsy. Even though it is 100% cotton, it does not perform well. Any tape (even artists) will tear it, and it lefts too easily, making multiple layers very difficult. I would not recommend it.

Joy, nice results despite the paper problems. I like what you did with the background too.
Thanks for the kind comments! Forgot to add it was a limited palette of undersea green, raw sienna, ultramarine, and permanent rose.
Here's one for "On a Window." I saw this moth on the screen of our kitchen window. He was nice enough to stay there long enough for me to draw him. It's about 3 1/2" x 4 1/2". This is the underside of the moth through the screen.

Ink and graphite in Stillman & Birn Epsilon.

20230917Sk5 Moth on Screen (MAP).png