Monthly Art Prompts - May 2023

Thanks so much, Terri! And speaking of softness, I intend to try zoneplate - another lensless technique - photography one of these days. I've been lazy on the photography front these days :-(
Me too! My husband has been busy for both of us, at least. He's been buying old Bakelite cameras, Kodak Bullseye and Hawkeyes, plus more "modern" ones like the Argus, and is having a blast restoring them and shooting them.

Me, I tag along on some of the shoots and that's about it. I've spent most of the spring trying to get a garden going in the new house. My artistic brain cells have apparently been sidelined for now. ;) I'm okay with it - and the back yard looks a lot better.

Zoneplate is something I've never tried, either!

This is a piece of sedimentary slate from the beaches of lake Champlain, New York.


About 2 inches or 5 centimeters. I incised the design with a power carving tool with a small diamond bit. Filled in with acrylic paint and finished with a sealer. Small red seed beads for the eyes. My wife used to make beaded jewelry to sell at craft shows and farmers markets. I made these amulets with leather cords as something different for her inventory mix.
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Thanks CaliAnn. Love pastels.

Alabama, cool. Love the yellow painting.

Anne, thank you. Beautiful rose, not so easy to do.

Zen love your yellow. Cool idea for the beads.