Monthly Art Prompts - July 2023

Jo, I think I missed your little bear. Delightful! I know the challenge in learning a new medium. You have done well. Paper makes an enormous difference with watercolor too. They all handle a little differently and you just have to experiment to see which works best for your style.
Here is one for outdoor. Ink and watercolor in XL Mix Media Sketchbook. The butterfly can double for "orange."

20230720Sk7 Daisies & Visitors.png
I feel bad that I've done nothing new!!

But here is an older one that meets some criteria - orange and outside. Done on cheap green construction paper - my interpretation of Charles Warren Eaton's Sunset Trees:

Chas. Warren Eaton -Sunset Trees exercise.jpg
Thanks Terri.

I like the gorgeous colors in your sunset and the reflection in the water.
Anne, beautiful flowers and "bugs". I love it.

Terri, beautiful colors and seems lively and calm at the same time. Mmmm.
Anne: Lovely flowers and butterfly.
Terri: Big wow from me! Beautiful painting - the colors are to die for, and those reflections are just stunning, really draws me into the painting!
Zen those are some bright shoes.

Jo. Great looking bear. I really like the textured look it has.
I love the water pail painting.

Joe great looking bananas.

Anna great job with the sunflowers.

Terry it looks great even if it is an older piece. No need to feel bad.