Monthly Art Prompts - August 2023


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Create some art that is inspired by any of this month's prompts. Let your imagination soar. Turn on your creative juices.

All media and styles are welcome (drawing, painting, digital, photography, sculpture, multi-media, representational, abstract, etc.). It can be something done quickly, a finished work of art or anything in between. It can be created from your imagination, from life or a photo reference. If you use a photo reference, please make sure it has no applicable copyright restrictions.

Here are the prompts for July. Have fun interpreting them.


Post your finished (or unfinished) art in this thread. Post any time during the month, as many times as you would like.
Tell us a little about the work if you so desire. For example, you could include the medium you used, where you got your inspiration or how long it took. When you post, it's always nice to "like" or comment on posts made earlier in the thread by other artists. We all like acknowledgement of our work!

For help in finding reference images online, click on the link: Tutorial: How to Find Copyright-Free Reference Images.
If you have copyright-free images that go along with the prompts that you would like to share, you can post them in this thread for others to use.

If you would like to provide prompts for a month, sign up here.
Thanks AJ! I think you could come up with something pretty special with a couple of these and can't wait to see them! :)
Thanks AJ! I think you could come up with something pretty special with a couple of these and can't wait to see them! :)
I just finished this one for whimsical :) it didn’t take very long.. I’m glad I got to use that board.


“Untitled” 8”x6”. Alcohol pen and sharpies
CaliAnn, great prompts this month.

Alabama, you are off to a great start. Perfect for whimisical!
This is arguably both whimsical and urban:

2023 Lost lover.jpg

You see those ads pasted up absolutely everywhere around here. Not just lost lovers, but also ads for money and enlarging, er, parts of the male anatomy. They're by local witch doctors who make a pretty penny selling pills and potions for anything and everything. :)
Great photo Brian! We have those types of signs too. Maybe the lost lover is inside the container? :ROFLMAO:
Jo - these are fantastic! They are just begging to be colored in. I friggin' love 'em! ❤️
Nice photo Brian. It fits both categories well.

Jo, love your whimsical doodles.
Zen you made me laugh.

CaliAnn, thank you. I've tried color - it changes the feel for me.

Anne, thank you so much.

Smiles for the end of the day.
Zen: Super drawing - all those eyes really make it for me :)
JennieJo: Looks like quite the family reunion - so many interesting characters. You have such an interesting point of view. I love that third head and what to know more about it!