Lead Strips


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I am almost embarrassed to show this here after seeing Katie's magnificent Blues painting. But I guess that is the beauty of being here: getting inspired by and learning from one's betters. Anyway, here is a 900 x 900 mm oil painting incorporating very old strips of lead from the roof of a house with street number 28. It was made for a specific location, namely, the entrance to my apartment. My effort also uses lots of blues and textures.

Lead Strip Painting.jpg
It's lovely. You've nailed the blue perfectly and with a distressed vibe to boot. The red stripe is a nice touch.
I like the blues, I like the texture (especially the skips in the paint on the blue), I like the lead strips and the red strip. The whole thing is very cohesive.
I had a similar type painting in my hallway, it was my favourite painting to sit and stare at.
All your work has a quality that I admire.