Terri Sprinkle AKA Terri

Wonderful interview and it’s great to learn more about you, Terri! You are so creative in your approach to photography and painting and it’s a real pleasure to see these beautiful examples of your work. I love the Three Graces that you recently posted too! (I‘m pecking away with one finger because I had hand surgery otherwise I’d keep going 🙂)
Donna!! So good to see you posting again (even with one finger!)! I've been wondering where you've been - now I see you've had hand surgery. Hope you'll be back posting and sharing your work with us very soon.

Thank you for the kind words about the interview, and also the Three Graces! ❤️ Get better.
Very cool to have a fuller picture of this Terri person with whom I have had the pleasure of interacting online in a couple of art forums for, well, years now :) I knew well that she was mighty knowledgeable, handy, and creative with oil pastels, and now here I've gotten to see much more of her alternative hands-on photography explorations, some of which I crudely understand.

Anyway, great interview, Terri! I'm very happy to find you settling here, creating and enlightening at CS - my fave art destination - and I think you are a great choice for moderation responsibilities. I look forward to years more of your online presence!
Thank you so much, Lamar! Wow, you're right - we actually do go way back, don't we? :) Time sure flies! I'm happy you're here, too, continuing to share your work with us. ❤️