Inktober 25-31... that's all folks


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Drawn on Bristol Board with Frisk drawing ink + dip pen, diluted Frisk drawing ink + brushes, occasional touches with white gel pen and other colored pen. As before prompts are from

Oct 25th
Selected prompts:
* An overweight dragonslayer
Hunting rifle

Do you think he'll get it on the truck?

Oct 26th
Selected prompts:
* The blind samurai

This guy caused me some headaches.

Oct 27th
Selected prompts:
* The school lunch lady

So many of the images coming up were creepy-gross (there is a horror game about lunch ladies) or weirdly misogynistic and mean caricatures. Seems there's some collective cultural trauma! So I aimed for a lunch lady who is likeable and real.

Oct 28th
Selected prompts:
* A small country inn

Ok not that small. Used this one as a perspective exercise

Oct 29th
Selected prompts:
* The sea witch
* An impressive reminder of the beast's strength


Playing with "painting" here using the white gel ink by wetting it and pushing it around after it's on the paper.

Oct 30th
Selected prompts:
* A beast master
* Cute sidekick



Oct 31st
Selected prompts:
* A modern-day wizard
* Art store

In this world there are so many different peoples.
Sometimes we disagree.
Sometimes we fight.
Sometimes it's hard to see how we'll ever get along.

But creativity is something we all have in common.
And I believe that one day it will bring us all together.

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These are all amazing. You have great techniques, hatching, lines, etc. Happy to see them.
Belated thanks everyone for the kind comments and thanks for sharing my Inktober journey with me.

I feel I learned a lot about composition, values and the process of coming up with ideas. I also made a friend of the dip pen at last. I had that dip pen for years and barely touched it until now.

It would be nice to do some larger imaginative illustrations in ink, and to start using the dip pen more often for general purpose drawing and sketching. For that though I'm gonna need better quality books/paper.