Inktober 13-18


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Third set!

Drawn on Bristol Board with Frisk drawing ink + dip pen, diluted Frisk drawing ink + brushes, occasional touches with white gel pen and other colored pen. As before prompts are from

Oct 13th
Selected prompts:
* A lush valley in the chasm of a great glacier

Not so happy with this. It's ok but I didn't get the layered look I wanted because I went too dark at first then couldn't get enough value variation for atmospheric perspective

Oct 14th
Selected prompts:
* A dextrous tree-elf
* Decaying house being reclaimed by the forest


Same values goof! After this one I swore never to do it again

Oct 15th
Selected prompts:
* An open jewelry box.

Straight still-life this time, and again not so successful as I wanted. I thought to try reflections with the mirrored box I have but the drawing size is too small to get so much detail. Should've gone bolder/simplified. The number of spider themed jewelry items I own is >1 by the way...

Oct 16th
Selected prompts:
* Queen of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts
* A sinful priest


Disclaimer - I know nothing about card games. Looked at medieval demon designs, that was some fun research!

Oct 17th
Selected prompts:
* Failing at roller skating
* Machines of war


Trying some weirder markmaking stuff now, wiping ink on with a bit of tissue to get cloudy-smoky look. That has definite potential.
So I had planned to do a Dreadnought literally on roller-skates but while working I suddenly thought it'd be funnier to have him slipping on a tank! Only problem is Dreadnoughts aren't *that* much bigger than Astartes and I'm pretty sure a Space Marine can fit into a Leman Russ. So at a fairly late stage of work I had to upscale my Dreadnought into a Titan so it would make sense. WH40k people will probably be making a funny face at me for the resulting frankendesign.

Oct 18th
Selected prompts:
* Farmer's market
* A cat holding a knife


It was going to be a nice normal picture of a farmer's market. Then the cat from one of the other prompts got in too and yeah. that happened.
I quite like the twisted elf. I do suggest more lighting on his/her face to emphasize the figure and the way the figure is gazing at the light. Actually, it’s my favorite!