Inktober 19-24 (plus development sketches)


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Drawn on Bristol Board with Frisk drawing ink + dip pen, diluted Frisk drawing ink + brushes, occasional touches with white gel pen and other colored pen. As before prompts are from

Oct 19th
Selected prompts:
* The princess wore her crown proudly
* Half human, half unicorn
* Her shadow didn't match her body


Not sure the storytelling on this one is as clear as it should be. The crown is made of unicorn horn. The unicorn was unhappy about this. I missed a trick and only realized after finishing that it could have been so much better if she was holding a KNIFE. Dangit!

Oct 20th
Selected prompts:
* An evil houseplant

Spent much time pondering, how does one establish that a plant is evil? I don't really think carnivorous plants are bad guys! Strangler vine dumping out a daisy, cobra lily, and a very angry little venus flytrap.

Oct 21st
Selected prompts:
* An overly excited scientist
* Scifi military turret


I had been researching mad scientists and was looking at some pics of Rotwang from Metropolis when I suddenly thought, almost everything coming up in the search is a boy, why? Girls have just as much right to be omnicidal maniacs. The white graphic line around her was a late-stage hack to make her come forward more because I stuffed the values up again (sigh). I think it works pretty well with that line though.

Oct 22nd
Selected prompts:
* The royal scribe
* A beast prowling in the dark


Catching up on some late-night work. As historically accurate as I could make this one, he has the ink palette and brush case. Trying to find pictures of authentic ancient Egyptian interiors that weren't fancy palaces was almost impossible though.

Oct 23rd
Selected prompts:
* Angry mechanic

"Would you care to take over with your SMALLER HANDS?"
"Nah, watching you is more fun..."

That prompt was tailor-made for Melchior and Bree, characters from a science fantasy setting I'll one day maybe get around to doing something with. Mel is an angel *nb that doesn't mean he's a nice guy

Oct 24th
Selected prompts:
* A leatherback sea turtle

To that guy who keeps posing insanely good seascapes in the acrylic forum... I am on to you. I am going to figure out how you are doing that and suck all the talent out of your head and into mine. Yeah definitely gonna try do more water stuff in general.
I am very much inclined to illustration over fine art and I think it shows in the inktober drawings especially because I am very focused on telling a story with each image (people have commented on this in the other threads I posted I seem to recall)

Some scans from sketchbook. Drawings are in ballpoint pen, value study done with watercolor. It's not a watercolor sketchbook but I don't play by the rules.

Oct 22nd - the scribe
2d Egyptian art was of limited use to me but they also made sculptures which are more realistic/representational due to being 3d objects. That was my research, looking at statues of scribes to figure out how they sat and worked. Tried thumbnail in portrait and landscape form (do i want HEIGHT or SPACE, hmm).

Oct 19th - the princess
Unicorn lady was a real headache. How to show the shadow is a shadow being cast from her, not a weird thing floating around behind her? Tried various options with various poses. A fullbody was considered - like that image of Young Anakin casting the shadow of Vader that was used in Phantom Menace marketing - but in a 4x5.5in space I was going to lose so much detail it would be hard to pull it off. Finally had a brainwave to cast her shadow onto a curtain - so if it conforms to the ripples in the fabric it will be more obviously a shadow.



Oct 23rd - the mechanic
Somewhat easier time with this in some respects as I already know what Mel and Bree look like and even have refsheets for them (that said yes I did end up drawing her head too big). Was more a matter of - how do I pose them? Looked up mechanics for the sort of motions that would be made, then looked at submarine engines and some spaceship stuff. Also ran off to sketch my own neck in the bathroom mirror to figure out how Mel would raise/turn his head
AMAZING! Absolutely amazing. I am just blown away. Your talent and skill are bar none. Illustration meets fine art, whatever you want to call it--narrative fine art. It's just wonderful and it's beautiful and makes my heart soar! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
your inking is fabulous! love how you show your development sketches. i need to do more of that. i'm too lazy. :LOL: how big are your paintings?
Thanks everyone ❤️ I'm honestly so surprised and excited that I'm going to finish Inktober with a full set of 31, nothing like this has ever happened before. Wouldn't have been able to stick to something for this long!

mbeckett - they're very small - 4 inches by 5.5 inches. I'm cutting them out and collecting them in a little postcard-photo album so they can be flipped through.