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Yes, I'm afraid I did offend. Those rules that were pointed out to me were put in place so that people would not be "offended".
Perhaps I should have read those rules before I joined this forum.
But I didn't. I apologize. I feel a little embarrassed, sort of like I did when I accidentally walked into a male oriented bathhouse instead of female outside of Tokyo. I couldn't read the language and just assumed.
I assumed this was an art forum. I wanted to see who was creating all of these beautiful pieces of art and what they were thinking when they produced it. I didn't expect to be shut down when I expressed what inspired me.
You have every right to have your own exclusive society with it's own unique rules. I was simply in the wrong building. However, you might do well if you'd clarify the sign on your door. You don't advocate art. Art is expressive and if you expelpolitics or religion you'd better pull out that giant eraser of yours and prepare yourself for a chore that could take you back hundreds if not thousands of years. And good luck with that Sistine Chapel. That ceiling will be a bitch. The statue of David will be much more fun. Who couldn't use a little stress relief by swinging that sledge hammer for the sheer joy of it.
Have fun, y'all.

Get my point?


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