I Like to Play with Myself


2 eyes.
I am not sure about the title as it doesn't directly relate to the piece. I was think of using a line I pinched from those thieving bar stewards in the House of ill-repute, more commonly refered to as the Mother (-fucker) of all parliaments, namely the House of Conmens (Commons) 😁...

The ayes have it, the ayes.

What say thee? Speak now or forever hold your piece. 😁 (Nice teeth)

I like to play with myself.jpg

I should have gone to Specsavers...
Thank you, Arty. I am definitely done with it. Something else to put behind me, like disgraceful behaviour. Actually, I quite like it myself. Nobody can say I do not know how to scribble. 😉
I should have said, "put it behind me...like a bad smell."

I think I told you about the time I dropped one in a department store. As I walked away i heard a woman say to her partner, "Was that you?" The poor chap went into defensive mode.
Silent but deadly, it probably destroyed the relationship.