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Busto di Maria Barberini Duglioli
c. 1626
Giuliano Finelli ( 1602-1657 )
Louvre, Paris
Amazing ! and to think of how long it has survived . . .

I wonder what size and if it has had to be repaired at any time, will look it up.
A piece like this is almost always worked out fully in clay before going to the stone.

To me, despite the wow factor, such pieces leave much to be desired artistically. They remind me of those incredible Chinese perforated nested spheres done in ivory, complicated Chinese jades, or on a much cruder level, chain links whittled in wood.
Tool chest by Ryan Cheney inspired by the work of the furniture designer, Carlo Bugatti, the father of the automobile designer, Ettore Bugatti.
Well you know, it's beautifully done, but I hate to say it, basically it's tool porn (similar to guitar porn). Woodworking tools that actually get used for decades don't look brand new. They acquire a patina. I've got Sheffield patternmaker's chisels I've owned and used for over forty years. The lacquer rubs off the handles, the blades get dinged here and there. This isn't abuse, it's just age.

My tool board in my old apartment shop in Cambridge, circa 1978-- with #7, just strung up for the first time.

small shop.JPG
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Like the goobers who have the $2500 tool chest on the back of their F-150s... filled with tools they rarely ever use or don't even know how to use?
In fact, Mt Kailash’s classic pyramidal shape evolved during the ice ages of the Quaternary Period, beginning 2.58 million years ago. This is when glaciers dug out valleys and cut back slopes, forming smooth-sided and sharp-edged peaks.
- Suvrat Kher