Fly away


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this is based on a foto I took in Riva di Solto in Northern Italy.
I painted this with Sennelier Water Colors on Winsor & Newton Watercolor Paper (cotton, cold pressed), 9*12''


Your inputs / c&c are very welcome. Thanks a lot for looking.

His exposed arm and hands look too small for a man of his bulk, IMHO. Otherwise, excellent, as always.
Thank you Lamar, Artyczar, Penny and Deborah for your comments.

I agree with you Lamar: the arms are too flimsy, so is the head - basically the body is to large for the rest of the man.... I had hoped that this would show his age and weekness, but your are right it is a little off. If I should repeat this motif (which I might), I will pay special attention to this! Thank you again for your feedback!
This is a beautiful palette! Lovely, and you captured the suggestion of a sweet, contemplative expression. I agree with the observation on the hands. But overall, it's such a pretty piece! 😍 I love it.
A thought provoking story here of man and captive bird. Easy enough to correct without having to redo it; just decrease the back of the shirt by bringing the light plum/purple on down and do a higher line on his arm section.
The concept and composition are good and I really like the bird cage. I would give it a second try, with adapted proportions.