Compianto su Cristo morto


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Nicolò dall' Arca, 1435- 1494. Compianto su Cristo morto (Lamentations over the Dead Christ) Bologna, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Vita.


I have been aware of this sculptural group from the Italian Renaissance since art school... but somehow it never struck me that the work was terracotta... clay!


I think I have only ever seen black & white photographs of this work... but here, the color photographs clearly show that the work is indeed terracotta. It also reveals remnants of paint. I'm led to wonder whether the entire piece was painted or only certain details such as the bed.




The exaggerated facial expressions and gestures suggest Late-Medieval and Early-Renaissance works by German and Netherlandish artists more than the works of the Italian Renaissance.



The workmanship is fantastic and the figures show remnants of paint too. but all of it is one color as if only parts were painted to emphasize other parts.
it's wonderful.
I remembered especially the sculpture of the last photos from some videos or photos. every time it is like the first, fantastic work, all of them.
I didn't remember material, it's impressive.
not center directly but I take this opportunity for a doubt.

but really the marble sculptures, the sculptures of the Renaissance masters, MIchelangelo etc were in marble, all white, without color because they loved the Greek statues, that is sculptures that were actually colored but they and we arrived without color, that over the years had gone away.

so the classical works actually, were they really colorful?
white marble is beautiful, so if that's true, it's a lucky coincidence.