Little Italian Church


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This is a view of Lago d‘Iseo from Riva di Solto
Watercolor on paper, 9‘‘ * 12‘‘

Love to read your c&c and thank you for looking
Cheers Tanja
You must take it two steps forward. even if you are just calling this hobby or therapy or whatever.
the sketch is very good. i would say the only objects in this painting that catch my eyes are the five trees in the fourground.
dont hasitat to put more colour more shades more tones different values. just play with colour dont feel bad for the think you are going to ruin your work, bcz this is the most big enemy for artist.
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I especially love the leaves on the tree. It's very stylized. The whole painting is lovely. ♥️
I like the colours that you have used and the way you have applied them. I also like the suggestion of where the light is coming from when I look at the surfaces of the church. But the same light source is not having any effect on the other elements in your picture and is also not casting any shadow. I think your painting would have a better impact if you addressed this.

Also, if your painting is about the church, in my opinion it should be placed in a more important part of the painting and not at the edge.
Thank you for your c&c, Artyczar, lazarus, balaji, wayne, your points are valuable inputs which I will keep in mind in my next attempts.
Thank you for looking and commenting

You have a very definite style and shouldn’t change it unless you want to!
I agree with Balaji, that if the subject, the ‘centrepiece’ or focal point is the church, then it should command the painting ….at present, mountains and lake are the subject! Maybe think how the church and foreground could become the painting, set against the mountains and lake? Try some thumbnail sketches of different arrangements. 😀
I do like your painting style! The tree just beyond the church is superb. I agree that the mountains may be a bit too dominant but I really like how you painted them. 🙂