Hip Shot



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Jan 2/24
In the woods I sometimes shoot in circles or hip shots and get some wonderful compositions. So, I thought, why not in the house. It gives the effect of a Cezanne in the fact that it's just not right but the colors stop you from losing your balance and you spend time where you might not have. That's my theory, I'm sticking with it. These are entertaining and learning.
Agree 100% about playing with photographic perspective. I find this a wonderful composition; it's both jazzy and snug.

I love this palette! The bright reds and yellows command attention and the eye comes down easily to the darker blue of the can.

More please. ❤️
Thank you Terri. A shot you can’t get plain air Unless you have ropes and a harness. 🤪

Thank you Zoran. It is hard to not get notice as the primaries are well saturated in the advertising world. 😀
I don't know, Wayne, brushes with bent handles might come in handy. This has a lot of charm. ❤️
Thank you Sno. Never gave that a thought but yea; could be a new invention.
Thanks Jo. I should think about straightening up the piece. The color scheme worked great.