Turning The Page

Well...maybe I'm living under a rock or something. If that's what you read, then maybe murders are happening all around here without me knowing. I read a lot about them happening in Yucca Valley and 29 Palms in the newspaper, however. Maybe I need to move again.
What did you do? Look for how much crime there was in Joshua Tree? Just wondering how you came to get the info.
Also, I typed "crime rates in Joshua Tree" into Google and it gave some pretty incorrect data about the areas being safer and more dangerous. It's turned around. The more north you go, the more vandalism because people have abandoned homes with no security out there. Homes in the south are million-dollar places and closer to civilization. Murders hardly happen here, but tons of people go missing because of the park. There are a lot of druggies here because it's between the two meth cities, but not as bad the city near the base (29 Palms). Anyway. Hard to defend my town, and hard to find statistics when we are not a town or a city, nor incorporated either. How to get stats for us?
That’s the web. I was looking for that murder I saw in the crime show I mentioned to you and I couldn’t find it. All I found was a bunch of bad looking stats. I wasn’t trying to run down your neighbour hood.
I see. Still, I would think Detroit or Albuquerque would have much higher crime rates than a little town like ours. That's all.

Do you know what year it was? Or the name of the show?
I can’t remember. Since I had that stroke last year my memory is crap. I just remember the town was Joshua Tree and I remembered that because I remembered you saying you lived in or near Joshua Tree. I would agree that such a small town would have some crime but nothing compared to the big cities.
My wife says it was on Paula Zahn …. circled by Vultures ..2022.
Was it Daniella Hess Prieto? She shot a man near the park (which would be in Joshua Tree) and left him on the side of the road. This was in 2022. They lived in Wonder Valley, east of 29 Palms, and were from Big Bear. That's the only murder until a recent one, which wasn't here. It was elsewhere by a Marine; he tried to bury the victim in the park (last year).