Hi from SWFlorida

Welcome to Creative Spark, Aspenman! Glad you decided to join us.

Looking forward to seeing your work. Keep posting, and have fun!
Hi Aspenman from a fellow SWFloridian and WC convert. Looking forward to seeing your art.
Welcome aboard Aspenman. I'm looking forward to seeing your work and getting to know you. I hope you enjoy the site! :)
Hi Richard! You’re in Florida and not Arizona looks like. So glad you made it from the cemetery (WC) to here.
Yes Kay we left AZ & relocated to Santa Fe NM, stayed 5 years there and went full time on the road in our 26ft Rv. Stayed on the road for a year, and settled in FL. I have to say I'm not real happy here, would rather be in AZ! Have been here for 5 years soooo I guess we are staying, my wife is happy here so that is good!