Hi from northeast Ohio, U.S.A.


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I was a member on Wet Canvas and finally got around to joining here. First of all thank you for having me. I am 78 years old an have been doing art all my life. I had attended a commercial art school out of high school but never finished there. After serving in the U.S. Army during Viet Nam I tried to get back into art but couldn't find a good job in the field so my vocation took a different turn. I still drew and painted for my own enjoyment. I started working with colored pencils in the late 90's after seeing some of Ann Kulberg's work. Since then that's the medium I work in most of the time but still do pencil and watercolor on occasion. With age my eyes aren't what they used to be so it's harder to work in the detail I like.
Hiya gbritnell! So glad to have you here. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work as I work my way down the forums this morning. Sounds like you've already posted some. I'm happy to hear you are making yourself at home. I understand bad eyesight. Mine keeps getting worse as well. Hang in there! :)
Welcome! We are looking forward to your work. I live in Western PA, so we're practically neighbors.
Welcome to the forum! I just saw some of your work, and it's very impressive. ❤️ I'm so glad you decided to join us - please keep sharing your work and have fun!
Hi Gbritnell. Glad to have you in the forums. I remember seeing Jim Fink, which I liked very much, but somehow I never got around to welcoming you to our community. Welcome!
Whereat in Northeast Ohio? I'm originally from Amherst... wedged between Lorain and Oberlin. I spent 25 years living in various spots in Cleveland, but currently live in Maple Heights... just East of Cleveland.

Welcome from a fellow Northeast Ohio native and fellow former Wet Canvas member.