Hands - who's with me?


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Just for fun let's all draw our hand. Hands are notoriously difficult so don't expect perfection. If you are right-handed, draw your left hand (any position), and if you are a lefty, draw your right hand. It can be any size, on any paper. Finish it to whatever degree you wish. Post it here.
Just for you a very quick sketch holding a mechanical pencil. I might need a bit more practice 🤣
Also, thumb is accurate (abnormal thumbs) when I resize image pic isn't so good. That's my excuse anyway 😊


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OK, since I started the thread, I'll get one posted. This one is out of proportion and looks dirty. I just did it very quickly, about 20 minutes. I'll try to do a better one when I have more time. Like I said, hands are difficult! :giggle:Very good hand Ian.


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Great job Maybeanartist and snoball. Both very tricky poses! Very creative PSA.

Took me a while to find a sharp pencil. Raided son's pencil case!
Great Bizzi. Keep em coming, even if you've already posted one. I plan to try to do a better one later.
Here's one I did some time ago but I took a picture and worked from that. It is hard to draw your right hand when you're using it. :giggle:
My first thought was to post MC Esher's Drawing hands. But that would be too clever by half! My second thought was of a very short poem by Robinson Jeffers:


Fallen in between the tendons and bones.
It looks like a dead hand. Poor hand, a little longer, write, and see what comes forth from a dead hand.

The line breaks might be off. There is another poem about the early hand cave paintings.

Note there was no consideration of drawing my own hand. I would rather hold it to the flame while you sketch it!
So dramatic.