Guilty Pleasures







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Hmm. I don't think so. I just haven't thought of any yet. I don't feel guilty about looking at things I enjoy I guess, no matter how "taboo," art or otherwise.
well… I appreciate the movie
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I was thinking of starting a new thread on "guilty pleasures"... and then found this old one that I had started some 4 years ago. I read through it all again. God! How I miss Musket. :cry:

So among all our members do any of you want to admit to any "guilty pleasures" related to your art? I can probably think of a number of others.
I will check out the Avengers. I know of the show of course, but never watched it as it was before my time. I did see a couple of the first episodes of the Prisoner though. I couldn't get into it at the time because I was leading a busy life at the time in my twenties (music) when I started renting the episodes, but it looked like it was up my alley.
We use Tubi for 'old stuff' and have just watched a few Avengers. Enjoyed them all over again.